Thanks Duly Given…


It’s that Thursday again. The one where, in America, you sit down as a family to eat turkey (not the one Obama officially ‘pardoned’), fail to eat much of the pumpkin pie which follows, and give thanks.

My Brit family don’t ‘get’ Thanksgiving: no presents, no decorations, and on a Thursday for heaven’s sake! And, as a Brit living in the USA, even after 15 years, I can’t treat it seriously as the natives seem to do.

So, Dave and I got up thinking about training as usual (no gym center work today though – it’s closed), and we were rapidly advised to leave the kitchen by a grim-faced Clare getting to work at the oven.

So, I did spend a little time after breakfast thinking about what I am thankful for, because part of the dinner ‘ceremony’ is to make a statement about that (arrrgh!). Here we go:

  1.   Dave
  2.   Leo (and seeing him follow in my acro/fitness footsteps)
  3.   Clare, being Leo’s mum (and an excellent cook!)
  4.   The fellowship and love of my gay and acrobatic friends
  5.   Still being reasonably fit at the increasingly old age of XXXXXX! (don’t like to think about it).
  6.   Recovering from dvt in 2014
  7.   Not being blown up or shot by terrorists (as I quoted in another context, nobody gets out of life alive, but there are better ways to go)
  8.   Oh, that’ll do…

except that:Cover 3 ThumbThe second part...The first part... I am very grateful to those of you who enjoy this blog and return regularly, and especially those who have consented to buy one or more books to help things move along financially. It is appreciated and, for those who have yet to take the plunge, there are e-books too, and Amazon is a good source as well as the original publisher’s website in UK. Christmas is coming…

I am also thankful that, in my recent computer-snatch debacle, I have not lost my archive of fitness pictures – just the ones that I had additionally pre-selected for posting here. So, rest assured, the pictures will keep coming. Like, er, now:


What is he wondering, I wonder…? Perhaps ‘should I do more exercise?’…


Or, maybe, should I get some pictures at different angles?


No, that’s not right: three of them are identical! Oh well, ‘my mate outside is looking good, anyway…’

bulky boi

‘…and my kid brother’s coming along nicely…’


His friend is on the pec dec…

pec dec

This next one’s a bit of a show-off…

pike hold

…hope he’s doing some pike-hold push-ups there. And, if you can control your pike, might as well do some pull-ups too…


Using his teeth to show off his abs. More of the same, next (abs that is)…



Three nice sets there. You can’t really beat the ‘old faithful’ exercise for the abs – sit-ups:


This next lad’s obviously been working on his before turning his attention to his biceps…

good start

So there we are, for today. Whether you are celebrating Thanksgiving or not, be grateful for what you have, and keep up the fellowships because like-minded friends are just what you need to keep you driving forward to get – and look – even better…


So get in the gym  (indoor our outdoor!), shuck the shirt (and preferably the shoes too), and get stuck in!


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