Shirt Stories

…and/or vests…

vest 2

Sometimes, as here, a vest or shirt can enhance the image of a great body. It teases somewhat, while revealing enough to make the picture “qualify” for a fitness blog such as this.


As the father of a fitness-freak son (Leo), whose mates join him in thinking that the wearing of shirts is ‘evil’, I have to admit to a similar bias. We love to train (weights, acrobatics, wrestling) shirtless and, indeed, in the private gym of which we are proud to be members, the owner Chad expressly forbids the wearing of any top: “You want to see your body develop and so do we… shirts are neither required nor permitted in this gym!” Nor, indeed, footwear, barefoot being the ‘norm’.

In fact, amongst his fully-committed adult clientele, training naked is encouraged “Feel the freedom… (etc)”, although this is not permitted during so-called “daylight hours” when supervised young’uns are admitted to make use of his excellent equipment. In the “dark hours”, as revealed in my books (see below), anything goes for his ‘initiated’ full adult members, with personal and consensual ‘relief’ after training frequently breaking out, especially amongst the majority gay clientele. Such scenes, obviously, are not appropriate when any guests are present, and certainly not the younger dudes. Which means 11yo+.

Knowing that we, and latterly our kids and their friends, frequently get naked for sweaty workouts in our own training cabin (strictly for business, of course!), Chad has decided to admit certain selected and approved 14yo+ guys in a short “twilight hours” period running between 6pm and 9pm, when everyone present can enjoy that ‘freedom’ of going clothes free for training – but nothing further, of course. Which basically means our lot: one of the four is 14 already, Leo makes it on January 1st and Chris and Ryan shortly after. Effectively, as far as Chad is concerned, that means “now”.

This extension of three ‘special’ hours, along with the original ‘daytime period’, effectively opens up that gym to them for 15 hours a day. They’re ecstatic. Some adult members, their ‘freedoms’ slightly curtailed, are less so. But that’s “progress”. What Chad says, goes. His gym!

That said, I return briefly to the idea that ‘tops’ can sometimes enhance an image. Here, one wonders what is beneath the (two) shirts of the guy on the left, while getting a ‘fix’ from the excellent physique of the street workout boy on the right:


Next, the vest emphasises the superb development bursting out of it…


…while this guy seems to have forgotten that he was wearing a shirt until almost too late…

late stripping off

…while here we have what I can only describe as a completely ‘pointless’ vest worn by a lifter…

pointless vest

Good only for the advertising?

Next, off-topic but it amuses me – a shirt without a guy in it that could have been made just for me, or for Dave:


The first part...Cover 3 ThumbThe second part...So, indeed, that’s “me”. The British guy that wrote the books about gay love, acrobatics, performing in circus tours and getting into trouble. The guy who would quite like to sell a few more to readers of this blog, to help pay the bills and support the publication of book 4, in which I have yet to find an agent willing to show an interest. Some posted reviews of the existing books would help – something to read over the (boring!!) Christmas period?? Click on the covers for more information. e-books available too from the usual places.

Now let’s go ‘shirt-free’. Lift a few weights…


…some pull-ups and leg lifts…


…feel the ‘burn’…


…try a bit of balancing…


…just hang out for a bit…


…or just chill…


the thinker

…and admire the other guys’ results!

smooth blond


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