‘Wish List’ Stories


A ‘typical’ American basement? Cluttered shelves, assorted service pipes – oh, and a small wrestling arena set up by the resident boy(s) to train and to entertain their mates. Not quite enough headroom for his friend to sit on his shoulders, though – a typical problem with basements!

Cut to our basement. Two thirds of it has been converted into a bedroom for my nearly 14yo son Leo. He too has mats for a training space, and assorted loose weights because, with a household of eight fitness freaks and all their friends, our separate training cabin gets a bit crowded! I asked Leo the other day what he would like for Christmas. With 14yo’s I guess you expect the answer to be the latest electronic gismo, designer clothes, that sort of thing. So let’s analyse his answer:

“We’d like two heavier kettlebells for our room – about 44lb would do!”

We“? “Our“?

Well, that’s him and his best mate Chris: together they drive their fitness goals ever onward. Because we have the facilities, Chris spends lots of time here and often overnights on the spare side of Leo’s big bed. He spends so much time here that Steve and his wife joke about drawing up adoption papers for us to sign!

Two closer and more devoted friends would be hard to find anywhere. So, it has kind of become “our” room rather than “his”. I remember how Colin and I used to be the same, back in the day in the UK. Did everything together, especially gymnastics and wild swimming. Not as much weights work then as we all do now… but more of this stuff in the gym:


And now the kettlebells. OK, strength moves is what they do together: Leo does his balance routines mainly with Jaymee. And the thing that really cemented their friendship was the chance to perform together in a circus for four weeks.

44lb may seem an odd amount, but it is 20kg, the units used in the ‘real’ world outside USA. Most of our weights are labelled in pounds but equate to sensible numbers of kilos. So I’ve ordered them.

I seem to be all out of kettlebell pictures right now, so here’s the next best thing:


(By the way, I just added that site to my links at the bottom of the page. Great images of successful young lifters.)

Actually, we had already decided on a different present for Leo, but he’ll get both. Our first choice was a length of wall bars, so he’ll really have his own (sorry, their own) gym! Ideal for leg lifts to strengthen the abs and increase lower-back flexibility… so that’s Christmas afternoon’s job, fixing them!

So Chris and Leo are great mates,  comfortable in their skins when training together, touching and feeling each other’s muscle progress, but absolutely straight, unlike me. So this – male to male bonding – is acceptable to them both…


…whereas this absolutely is not! …


…no, that’s down to me and Dave (and the other gay pairs in our ‘coven’)!

They also work on their stretching in Leo’s bedroom…


…and, interestingly, Jaymee has taken to joining them for that, something which makes Chris ecstatic since the love interest seems to be welling up again there… Jaymee has been on and off Chris’s ‘wish list’ (and I think the feelings are mutual) – but they are at the age where love isn’t the most compelling thought in their minds all the time… it has to compete for their time (and their mental capacity) with wanting to be the fittest and most brilliant acrobatic performers in Tennessee!


Someone asked me the other day what was on my ‘wish list’ for my boy. I could only answer “Whatever he wants for himself.” It is enough for me that he shows the same interest in weights, acrobatics, strength displays etc. that we do – with an intensity more than I could ever have dared hope. That quarter dollar I chucked in a wishing well back just after he was conceived seems to have done the trick!

All the background on that is in the books displayed at the end of the post but, first, our normal selection of additional ‘fitness-themed’ pictures. Hopefully these are still on your ‘wish list’! And, since this whole post is on the theme of “fit boys together” we’ll stay with that:




(modelling our normal state of training dress there…)


Love ‘levers’! Excellent moves to include in adagio performances. And balance of course:


Fighting is fun for boys of all ages…

…especially in private where clothing is optional (I think we can get away with this one…)

wrestling naked

…and, when MUD is on offer…


…there’s no stopping them! Or any of us, really!

OK, the books:

The first part...The second part...Cover 3 Thumbe-books available too, of course. Still time to order the Christmas reading for your friends.

OK, bonus pic:

More boys who have trained together on bars and with weights. Excellent results, guys!




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