Just Lie Back and Enjoy It…


‘When rape is inevitable….’ as the saying goes. I rather feel like that about Christmas, a ‘holiday’ at the worst time of year – short daylight, as cold as it gets here (although today it is going to head up to 71F (22C) here, a bit like an English summer and definitely a shirt-free afternoon…), and when parents are involved, nobody is allowed to do anything… gifts of things you know you didn’t need and definitely don’t want, and all the agony of trying to think of the right thing to buy for all those you need to. If that sounds ‘Humbug’, you’re dead right!

This Christmas we are not entertaining any relatives or friends from the UK (where they are enjoying 3C and torrential wind and gales right now, I’m told). Just us lot and two lunch guests from their penthouse above Chad’s gym – Zach and Gary. Training is strictly forbidden on Christmas day, a rule we have always adopted. One compulsory day off out of 365 is OK and then, on the 26th (we can’t call it Boxing Day over here), the ritual river swim. We started doing this with the High School swim team when we were there ourselves: now we head upstream of their little gala for our own entertainment.


And that’ll be it. We’ll have lain back and “enjoyed it” – sorry, I meant lain back and got it over with.

Some pictures on the theme of ‘lying back and, well, something!’ then:

Us gay guys, for a start, will enjoy this. Definitely.


A touch of winter sun?

011026 (300)

But, more than that, we would definitely enjoy ‘lying back’ on a weights bench – and doing sit-ups, of course!


..or bench presses…

underwear lifter

Lying back and showing off?


Of course, we and many other acrobats ‘lie back’ professionally – as you have seen illustrated at the top of every post on this blog:


…and, of course, there are other ways for guys to ‘lie back and enjoy it’ – even if a bit of pain is involved!

oil wrestle

…and not, of course, overlooking those other ‘entertainment’ options for lying back…


OK, that’s about as ‘laid back’ as I can get, picture wise, so we’ll take a commercial break and then have a few more general pictures!

The first part...The second part...Cover 3 ThumbOK, you know the drill. Get your Christmas reading / presents here (click on the covers or search Amazon for the e-versions). All about our acrobatics, finding gay love, and getting somewhat scared near the end.

And, now that’s over with, we turn the boys over and let them show off – still horizontally though…

A superb planche from Italian child bodybuilder Giuliano Stroe:




One-arm ‘croc’ on top of a men’s four:


(For anyone interested, that is the team from the UK Deerness Acrobatic Gymnastics club who won a TV sports awar dshow in 2012)

One up, one down?


And, finally for today, about as many athletic boys as it is possible to cram into one picture. Lie back and enjoy!


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5 Responses to Just Lie Back and Enjoy It…

  1. finnwest2015 says:

    Another epic post! Sorry for all the likes bro, but your blog totally rocks.

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