Changed Liaisons


An update on our various young trainers, not to be forgetting the extraordinary Jaymee, for whom I found this huge picture with a female participant!

I while back I introduced Jude, an out-and-proud 14yo from Canada who moved to our local High School at the start of the semester. We expected him to have a bit of a rough time even though there is a LGBT society in the school… certainly, in Phys Ed class when they all share a changing room, there are some boys who studiously avoid him. But he’s such a strong and muscular guy – bodybuilder – and into many of the team sports too, so that more or less ensures he has no trouble.


In fact, he spends a lot of time with Chris’s older brother Billy, who is a junior champion bodybuilder, but that doesn’t keep him away from morning before-school weights with Chris and my son Leo!

Also, I haven’t mentioned Ryan for a while. He’s our unexpected success story – once banned from seeing my son after school because Leo comes from a household of gay people, his father relented and encouraged him to train with the others. He’s turned into a powerful lad, and found an unexpected niche in Collegiate-style wrestling – a star of the school squad and training so much with them that he has little energy to join our early-morning sessions any more. And the other ‘newbie’, Tjark, thin but amazingly flexible, has also found a niche in the wrestle squad alongside the muscular others because he can get out of almost any hold his opponents try on him. So it’s very much ‘Ryan and Tjark’ now: I’d like to work on his flexibility as a potential cabaret performer, but we hardly ever get to see him now.


When the boys (or we) wrestle here, I’m afraid it is all shirtless and submission style, and we were getting Ryan into trouble with the wrestle coaches by teaching him the wrong style. This is more “us”…


…or even, in private…

naked wrestle

Maybe we should teach this?

from a namesake!

No, only kidding! (That was posted by a Facebook ‘friend’ who happens to be another Tony Cavanagh – but not, I think, a sportsperson).

So, in our morning sessions, it is mainly just us with Leo and Chris, and occasionally Jude. The first two are seasoned performers, of course, doing both acro…


…and the fakir entertainments…


And, as recently reported, Jaymee is now a regular early bird also, practising her acrobatic routines with the boys.

Ultimately, it is all about two things; flexibility and strength:


strong man

The mantra:


Indeed. You can read about our life and times here:

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7

e-books available if you must, paperbacks make better presents!

And on with our customary fitness gallery now:

pits spread



Sweat glistens on his arms and shoulders – the sign of good work in progress…

..and then a good photographer can really show things off…


…in fact, let Vince show you his one-arm push-up, a really defining exercise for the shoulders, chest and back:


And that is where we will leave it for today, I think, except for an image of a whole heap of fit lads, in their gym, ready to do their own thing and celebrating their fitness and development. Be inspired!



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