Leo the Lion

Celebrating teen toughness!

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When the going gets tough… the tough get going. Happily the attitude of my son Leo and his mates. Newly admitted to evening sessions at the private gym, the owner (Chad) was quick to set up a challenge for him – the ‘battle of the Lions’ (well, sort of). My son wrestling Leon, a veteran of more than 20 years as a wrestler and currently a coach. Leon, along with his partner Dane, come down from KY once in a while and are part of our ‘safe’ circle of gay friends. They’re making a short pre-Christmas vacation and staying with us.

Chad required that the wrestlers had a sponsor who would accept the loser’s penalty, since Leo is not at the tender age of nearly 14 supposed to enter into such arrangements! That, understandably, was me, with Dane ‘supporting’ Leon.

We all expected a quick defeat for the boy, given the huge mis-match, but Leon was lenient for a while before realising that the boy was giving everything he had and that a submission was not going to be quite that easy! In fact, Leo squirmed his way out of everything for more than ten minutes until, finally, he had to cave in. Which meant that I got the ‘punishment’ from Dane, who then volunteered himself for the same, as is our tradition. Leather strap… And then Leo demanded to get it in his own right. I agreed, since I know he can take it…


The sight of Leo and Leon, arms around each other and swimming in each other’s sweat, summed up for me what makes our boy – and, indeed, us – tick. Fitness rules in our household, unites you with friends of like mind, and of course keeps you healthy – ‘fighting fit’ in fact. And well equipped for other interests like acrobatics…


blog pic men's 4 5

After all of that, we were treated to a really good massage, Leo by Leon and me by Dane, which led to further offers and suggestions for gay diversions, taken up only when the younger ones had been sent home!


The first part...The second part...Cover 3 ThumbWe joined this private gym as juniors over 15 years ago, alongside training in our private cabin. These adventures, plus the finding of gay love, acquiring a son (me) and daughter (my partner Dave), doing circus tours and getting into mischief and trouble, are all documented here in these three volumes, available as paperbacks or e-books. The perfect gift for yourself for Christmas, if you enjoy this blog!

And now, in the spirit of advancing fitness…

black doors

canadian abs



fighter body




And finally for today – why not try a one-arm balance in the weight room – just to prove you can?


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