Gritting Ones Teeth


Nice bod, yes. And today, notice the smile…

A woman in Oxford (UK) said to my mother the other day ‘So you son lives in America with his friend. You know, the problem with Americans is, they think they’re better than everyone else.’

Firstly, apologies to my American readers (the majority). Not my sentiments, but just a point of view. Bigoted? What I objected to when I heard about that was the implication that I (and Dave) had somehow ‘become’ Americans too and were therefore very much the woman’s target too. That’s how my mother took it, anyway.

I live in the US but I am not American, and value my UK citizenship. I’m delighted that the Americans have welcomed me to their country to live and work, but I do not wish to become one.

Anyway, to the teeth. Quite by chance, a UK newspaper turned up something that the Brits are better than the Americans for.

We have better teeth.

Or, rather, more of them.

chunky shoulders

A fine set there. And a fine set of shoulders, traps and pecs, too.

But, apparently, despite almost every American kid wearing teeth braces, having regular visits to orthodontists and whatnot, Americans as a bunch have a higher average number of teeth missing that the Brits.

So there.

A pointless tale, but then so many of them are…, although perhaps less so for those of us who include hanging by our teeth in our acrobatic shows…

But, to business:

Cody’s keeping his teeth out of the picture, but we can admire the rest of his body…

Cody Deal 2

Fernando too, admiring his own bicep:


And Glen:


Pull-ups work the biceps well:

pull-up bar

Rings too (ah, more teeth!)…

ring boy

Another happy bar boy:


More biceps (and the rest)  in Ukraine (Always tell from the blue and yellow!):


Another spread:


…and another in-gym pose:


Working out in speedos is always a good feeling, and you really don’t want to be encumbered by any unnecessary clothing to do things like this:


But don’t get me started on appropriate training attire today. You know what we like and, if you don’t visit some older posts, and see below…



So. A couple of nice bodies to finish off with, and then the ‘commercial’:



Some books on our themes to ‘get your teeth into’ over the forthcoming ‘Winterval’! Or to download to your Kindle or whatever. Enjoy.

The first part...The second part...Cover 3 Thumb


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