Cabin Boys


A cabin at the top of the yard. A ‘fit-boy zone’ in which to do as they please…

It all began when my partner Dave and his older brother Pete came from UK to Tennessee for his father’s work. Dave was parachuted straight into High School, while Pete was initially unemployed. Out for a run, enjoying the warmer climate and the sun on his back, he came across another shirtless guy doing bar pull-ups in his own yard.


Actually, this guy had a long blond pony tail. His name was Ivo and he worked shifts in a warehouse. He and Pete quickly discovered that they had a lot in common. Meanwhile, Pete and Dave’s dad offered the use of the cabin and, along with Dave, they started to fit it up as a gym. Very soon Ivo contributed his own weights, for he and Pete had quickly discovered something else – that they were both gay. They discovered each other, and their loving partnership in fitness has lasted a full 15 years so far. Of course, younger brother Dave was also into fitness and was quickly involved in the training and wrestling, but not in the ‘gay fun’.


Well, not at first. it needed me to show up in the High School class on a similar ‘ticket’ from the UK to make him (and me!) realise that we shared the same of love of gymnastic sports and that we, too, were gay and fell in love. And we’re still together too.

Ivo was a member of an exclusive private gym, very gay-friendly but open to any male committed to intense fitness training. Pete was quickly admitted, but Dave and I were considered too young at first. Then we got ‘checked out’ by the owner and his friends, in this very cabin. This is where the story in the first of my books should probably take over, since everything that followed, leading to us getting into that exclusive club, finding a group of like-minded friends also interested in developing acrobatic skills, learning to share the love safely and all of that… you can click on the covers for more information, and search for the e-versions on Amazon!

The first part...

Fundamentally, it comes down to an intense commitment to each other (a group of ten gay friends ‘safe to share’ their love and their sport)… and to a willingness to get behind or under the weights, into stretching and gymnastic skills, which puts us where we are now.



The second part...




Cover 3 Thumb



tumblr_nvhzw21OiJ1sm5qj2o1_500Here’s an inspirational message we saw in a public gym recently: I agree with almost all of it… until that last line. You’re NOT on your own… having a workout/training and performing partner – or multiple partners – is so much better; more fun, driving each other on… and also, not sure about that ‘Be better than anyone here’ line either. That may apply in a public gym where you don’t know anyone else, and so you have to motivate yourself. But, in our groups, we want everyone to be as good as the next guy – push us ALL on to be the best. So maybe some mixed messages there!

What I can tell you – fast forward fifteen years – is that the cabin is thriving and now populated also with the next generation – my son, Dave’s daughter and their mates – yes, we’re gay dads, and that’s in the books too! We have teen cabin boys now (plus one girl and two lesbian mums who are the fittest ladies on the planet and perform acrobatics and fakir acts too). I guess this commercial photo gives out the right message… kids rule, OK?!


Kids know how to make fitness fun…


…but our lot are absolutely dedicated to carrying on the ‘family’ tradition. My son Leo is fast becoming a better acrobat than I ever was or will be – and good luck to him. He won’t be entering any gay liaisons – quite the opposite actually, along with his best training mate Chris – girls are hardly ever off his chatter agenda, but fitness takes priority even over that. There is this on/off Chris/Jaymee (Dave’s daughter) thing going, though…

So, keep up the training over the coming festival – outdoors always good if your climate allows, and we have a piece of yard behind the cabin which is only accessible through it and invisible to neighbours, where we can continue to ‘do our own thing our own way’ and enjoy the fresh air and sun at the same time, without fear of offending anyone…


So let this Christmas be the one where you don’t just celebrate the traditions, but you begin to celebrate and enjoy your increasing fitness as well…


If he’s that happy with his body, it must be worth the effort!


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