No Room At The Inn…

…or, at least, No Room in The Cabin…


Christmas Eve. No coaching work to do. Dave out shopping (I wasn’t allowed to go with him), so Gary and I wandered across the yard to our training cabin with some wrestling fun in mind. Gary is at a loose end because his partner Zach has gone ‘home’ to his mum and half-brother in CA for Christmas, and is trying to avoid having to spend too much time with his parents…

Five teenboys there, all from High School and working on various things (weights, stretching, acrobatics) plus Jaymee also, and her mum Karen and her partner Clare doing their impressive weights routine. Leo, my son, wants to get into hanging by his teeth (and supporting a partner similarly) along with his best mate Chris for their routine, and also supporting Jaymee when he performs with her. There’s not enough height to have the supporter hang by his feet from a trapeze in our cabin, so you have to make do with knees over a bar supported in the roof-access trapdoor. The rest of the training has to be done in Chad’s gym where there are two trapezes. Have to say that the inspiration for this is Dave and I, as we have been doing it for 15 years.

‘No room at the Inn’ for more wrestlers! So Gary and I departed for Chad’s gym instead! Rather more space for a rumble, and a huge range of resistance equipment. Daytime, so normal clothing rules (shorts on!) apply.


It is coming to something when we can’t get space in our own facility though, but the teens must be encouraged. In fact, having had a major success training young Ryan there and winning over his previously homophobic father, the father has now recommended us to the father of twin 9yo boys to get them into proper sporting shape. They are absolutely entranced watching acrobats, I’m told, and the father thinks they could be a double act. We’ll see! private training engagements always welcome – adds some dollars to the pot! More than selling books does, but there we are (the link leads you to the first one – see previous posts for the other two).

Leo, as I have mentioned, has created a small training space of his own in his spacious basement bedroom, and works out in there with Chris when they tire of the cabin. However, I need him out of there tonight, so Chris’s dad has invited Leo to a Christmas Eve party and he will sleep over. This enables me to fit one of his Christmas gifts – wall bars – which he can then discover when he returns on Christmas morning. Needs a bit of DIY, especially some good expanding bolts for the wall fixings. Job for Dave and I this evening before bed!

Let’s celebrate getting and keeping fit with our customary selection of images:











(Is that a repeat? If so, he deserves another airing…)




New Year resolution? Whatever our age, in six months’ time that could be you comparing your newly-found abs…

Anyway, all that remains is for me to with you…

…see next post…

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