A Plague of Frogs


Well, some weird stuff gets into this blog from time to time, but we can’t go on about fitness and acrobats all the time, now can we?

Dave and I own this cottage in Wales (UK) which we have (slightly ironically I suppose) called Cefn Derwen, which conveniently translates from the Welsh language as Oak Ridge, where we are right now. My family has known it for years as a holiday place, but we actually got to own it in the end.

While we continue to enjoy relatively warm rain, and the tornados stay well to the east, our homeland appears to be disappearing under water. Floods, torrential rain and gales… you name it, UK has it right now.

Dave’s dad and mum (reconciled, see books) have spent the Christmas period there. It cannot flood – on a slope at around 1000 feet above sea level. It has its own water supply, from the mountain. But their problem right now is that half of it doesn’t work.

Frogs have been blocking up valves and ballcocks on a regular basis and, when they peered into the large concrete tank up the hill behind the house in which the water is stored, it is teeming with amphibians. Apparently it is a bumper crop year for frogs – neighbours in the district with similar supplies have the same problem. My parents’ great friend Tony (another one) who lives nearby is currently dealing with exactly that himself, and proffering advice. Currently, the tank is being drained sufficiently so that they can climb down inside it with a fishing net…

Frogs to be relocated. Well away from the tanks!


So – they do have their uses. When the Black Death arrives, anyway.

As for the books I mentioned – just click on the covers below for a link to the publisher. If you are gay friendly and enjoy watching circus acrobats doing their thing, these could be the very books you are looking for, and you’ll make me a few pennies at the same time.

And then we’ll look at some fit young men, as always! Promise.

The first part...The second part...Cover 3 Thumb




OK. Mibbit-mibbit. (I think that’s ‘frog’ for ‘prepare to enjoy’!)


Oh, come on. Cheer up. With a body like that…


He’s smiling and the temperature is about -20! Two more in the snow:


Not much chance of snow here – nor in Wales, as I understand it. Probably a bigger chance of the Black Death right now…

Tell you what – let’s do some rowing exercise together…


Some sit-ups?


That went well. We could just have a cuddle now?


Then maybe combine some acrobatics with a cuddle (??)…


That’s a strange pose, even by our standards! But then…




OK, back to ‘normal’ (?)


(Leonardo di Caprio look-alike?)




black shorts

Ooops – another ‘broody’ one. Let’s finish off today on a ‘high’…


‘High, Tom!’


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