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Today’s Gallery Theme: Partners


Following Chad’s recent revelation that he plans to leave his private gym to its own devices and travel the world, he is quietly sounding some of the members out with a question along the lines of ‘why do you come here?’ with a view to thinking out how best to pass on the business. There are, of course, some obvious answers: ‘To work out on the amazing range of equipment’ being one.


However, given that every member is somehow ‘special’ and was invited personally to join “under Fight Club rules” (the first rule of Fight Club is that you do not talk about Fight Club…”), other reasons are likely to emerge.

‘Because I can train naked.’ Just as an example!

‘Because I’m gay and I like to get up close and comfortable with other guys for wrestling and stuff.’ Well, you don’t have to be naked, of course, to enjoy a good wrestle…


I guess you’ve got the idea. Chad’s gym is a special place where guys can do pretty much anything – which includes our first love, acrobatics…



…fakir stuff, endurance (and there are those guys who enjoy their fetishes and this is a place they can do it)… so, you see, handing the place over to a commercial chain or something really isn’t going to work, is it?


All very difficult. I know that Chad would like some of us to take it on as a collective, but we (at least Dave and I) really can’t face the prospect of having that responsibility – especially as there have been some brushes with ‘the upright establishment’ over the years. The door even got burned down once – see The Power of Love – and the place can live up to its deserved reputation as ‘a place of sin’ in the eyes of those who do not understand gay motivations…


Oh well. Something is bound to come along! As in a game of chance, it could all hinge on a roll of the dice…


Don’t see much of that sort of game in the gym, either! More like…




Partnerships can continue outside the gym, of course – in the home, even in the bedroom, they can be innocuous! Even shirtless and with arms around one another shoulders. Didn’t we all do that in school, anyway?


So, no sexual preferences implied there. Whereas…


Who knows?! Until the next time…


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