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Today’s Gallery Theme: Lifters


Some say that this blog is occasionally a bit ‘risque’. Occasionally, I suppose they’re right! We are, after all gay: we appreciate the well-developed male body and what it can do. Now and again, we describe some relationships…

So. We’re fortunate, over here in TN as exiled Brits, to be able to download the best of British TV from the BBC website. What would we do without the internet, eh?

The New Year edition of ‘Sherlock’, written by Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffatt (of recent ‘Dr Who’ fame), continued the notion of setting Conan Doyle’s Holmes’s stories in the modern day with eccentric twists, despite most of this particular edition being set in Victorian times. It worked very well, we thought: some viewers apparently remain confused about the timeline. Not my point today.

30 pounds

In these occasional shows there is more than a hint of mutual attraction between Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch) and Watson (Martin Freeman of ‘Hobbit’ fame) – despite Watson being married in the series (and to his real life partner as it happens). On screen, the ‘happily?’ married couple do seem to lead rather separate existences. But there is a definite fostering of ‘gayness’ in the way the two main characters interact. Ever so slightly.


In a recent newspaper interview, Watson’s real-life partner Amanda Abbington took to exploring that nebulous or maybe even imaginary relationship by fantasising a scene for the interviewer – one that Conan Doyle absolutely never wrote (nor Gatiss and Moffatt either!):

“John deliberately brought one forefinger to his mouth, sucked on it, wetting it all the way to the hilt. He drew it out slowly, eyes locked with Sherlock’s the entire time, and brought it down to trace feather-light over the zipper in Sherlock’s trousers…”


Well, how did that work for you? I never wrote anything like that in any of my books, because that is making the sex a fundamental part of the story: yep, I often described gay sex amongst my friends and I, but in a much more factual way. Maybe, if I had done things slightly differently, I would have more readers than I actually do…

Loving the Boy

…perhaps I focussed too much on the sport? Or maybe, my focus on the love that gay men can enjoy was better. I thought so. Love is not about stroking a wet finger over my partners trousers: love is about how you feel, how you treat each other… some of which, when I wrote it, actually brought tears to my eyes and still does when I look back over it (blush) – something which a wet finger on a zipper would never do…

The Power of Love

That is what it is all about for me: love and how you express it. I love Dave absolutely 1000% and I love my other close gay friends proportionately (well, maybe [since Dave will read this] just a bit less!). So maybe I’m no Gatiss and Moffatt – and I’m definitely no Conan Doyle.

Against All Odds – all three books are also available for e-readers, although sales of Kindles are giving way rapidly to a renewed upsurge in printed book, I’m happy to say. And booksellers too. ‘Come Cry with Me…’

concrete weights

If you are one of my readers (books, that is), I would love to know if you think I got the balance right. (OK, I know that, for an acrobat, I just made a joke, but let me off just this once!). You can comment on a post – this post, even – or e-mail me directly on

And now, back to the lifters:

CRW4238z (1)

A good workout is an easier (and more useful!) way to work up a sweat than a wet finger on a zipper:

19903 sweat

Sweat means a (male) body working hard as it should…

sweat yeah!

I revel in the smell of sweat delivered in a gym, because it represents what a guy can do and how well he has done it. Out of the gym, it’s horrible, but then we shower after and before sessions so that all the sweat in that gym is the product of our workouts:

sweating lifter

Does he feel good? Of course he does.


Some guys in the gym spend more time taking selfies than actually moving weights around. But that guy has obviously put the work in first! Don’t we all like the mirrors, though??…



OK, back to yer actual lifting:


Our next boy is actually pulling down rather than lifting, but shifting any weight using your muscle power counts as lifting in our gym: and the unfortunate vest actually does rather emphasise his arm development, I think: some would say that even that last guy was a little over-dressed, especially if he was working out in private with us (did I say ‘risque’ earlier?)…


And now a sideways move, for the pecs:


OK – from lifters to zip-fondlers: you get it all here! Bye until the next time: I leave you with Vince:


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