“I Spy…”

The first of two posts on the complexities of ‘being gay’. But first:

Today’s Gallery Theme: Assorted Twosomes


An interesting news item from the UK reveals the identity of the organisation identified as the most LGBT-friendly employer in Great Britain… MI5. For those not familiar with British institutions, this is ‘Military Intelligence Unit 5’, otherwise known as Britain’s spy outfit, responsible amongst many other things for operating GCHQ (Government Command HeadQuarters), the organisation which reads all our e-mails (Hi, guys!!) and monitors what Mr Al-Qeaeda and Messrs ISIS are up to.


A far cry, then, from the days of the persecution of Alan Turing who, as I am sure you are aware, killed himself after being exposed as gay whilst working as a formidable computer specialist at the famous Bletchley Park code-cracking centre during WW2 and who is celebrated by the Apple computer symbol (he used a poisoned apple for the deed).


So, in 2016, being gay in “the establishment” is OK. In fact, sometimes  think that it is positively encouraged, in the interests of political correctness! As I mentioned the other day, the first British cabinet minister to come out as gay has just announced himself.

A far cry, too, from the attitude of much of the American south. Despite the American Episcopal church being expelled from the Anglican community for supporting gay marriage (and thereby keeping bigoted African bishops inside the community), I would have to say that being openly gay in Tennessee is perhaps not so easy, nor so wise.


Yes, there is a LGTB group at the High School (which some see as positive discrimination, as much as shunning the LGTB community would be). Yes, we won the grudging acceptance of our gym with its predominantly gay clientele by the nearby Baptist church (although there were special circumstances, as chronicled in The Power of Love and Against All Odds). But, by and large, it is better to keep one’s head down and keep your gay business to yourself. In the bedroom.


Not so long ago, gay spies were thought to be vulnerable to blackmail, an echo of the days when it was completely illegal in UK and punishable by a trip to gaol. Therefore, anyone coming out would probably be immediately  dismissed. Thankfully, things have changed a lot. I’ve even heard of straight people claiming in job interviews to be gay because there is a ‘quota’ to be filled. That’s political correctness gone mad, of course.

stretching pair

So where does this lead us, in this post? Well, nowhere in particular, I suppose. We quietly go about our business on this site, celebrating what gay guys like, principally an appreciation of the fit male body, which we shall now continue!


(Nice muscle there, especially the guy on the left)






Oops: nearly forgot: there are three books (you can click on the covers!).

The first part...The second part...Cover 3 ThumbAnd, finally: a small image of a young gymnast helping with his friend’s shoulder flexibility. A different kind of ‘togetherness!



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