Welcome to sunny Oak Ridge TN! The biggest snow for 15 years. We have about eight inches in the yard – most of it from Wednesday night and Thursday: the storm moved north-east and, as you will probably have heard wherever you are, Washington is closed down with more than two feet of the white stuff.


Fun, huh? Well, Leo and his mates certainly  did a lot of that, plus snow wrestling in their underwear…


There’s a weirdness about wanting to be out in the snow near-naked…


…a feeling I confess that Dave and I, and our friends, still slightly share – for a short while. A very short while. Outside as I write this, the temperature is -7C (20F), and the snow has frozen hard like glass on the surface.

In TN, snow is actually relatively rare altogether, so the place has more or less closed down as the local authorities struggled to open the main roads (top picture, South Illinois Avenue, Friday). When we made it to our coaching jobs at the gymnastics centre on Friday, the place was half empty: TN moms and dads are rather unused to driving in snow and most prefer not to take the risk.


Lets cheer ourselves up with some warmer pictures of fit guys, and look forward to summer!

Todays Gallery Theme, then: Sunnier Times




(that’s sand, not snow!)


(Sun worship and stretch at the same time!)











Yes, you can’t beat the summer. And, to pass the time until it arrives, some suggested reading for you which you can either download or have the feel of actual books in your hand – assuming of course that the mail man can make it through the snowdrifts!

The first part...The second part...Cover 3 Thumb

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2 Responses to Snowbound!

  1. Such good looking guys!!! I soooo wish those at least 18 could be seen in the nude, preferably full frontal.

    • tonycavanagh says:

      Hmmm. That’s not really why we’re here. This blog is primarily here to promote the books and male fitness, and the pictures illustrate that. Occasional “tasteful” (??) nudes do creep in, though…

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