From USA With Love… Gertrude (née Jonas)…

The storm that dumped the snow on us here in NE USA made it across the Atlantic and dumped rain on the UK… at our place in Wales, four inches of rain in twelve hours and wind gusts up to 80mph… my parents there for an allegedly ‘quiet’ week’s break! A complete ‘white-out’ of rain going sideways, apparently: trucks blown over and rail lines washed out after just being repaired from the storms in December. Fun, fun…

And so, Today’s Gallery Theme: Fun in the SUN…


Someone commented yesterday that they hope for ‘full frontal’ pictures on this blog. Not our thing, really but, as you can see, we do have ‘decent’ pictures of guys enjoying their exercise al fresco…


My parents are veterans of wild Welsh weather – they were using the place before I was born, let alone before Dave and I actually bought it. So the additional amusement yesterday of yet another frog blocking a ballcock in the water system didn’t phase my dad too much either…

…but isn’t the beach in summer a better option, especially if it is a naturist one? Or completely deserted…?


That, by the way, is an excellent handstand shape.


Anyway, you don’t have to shed all your clothes to have fun in the sun…



Even better if the ‘fun’ involves exercising those muscles…



The first part...

This next guy’s obviously been exercising…


…and this dude too. Weight plates and kettlebells in the woods…?


I guess he could be part of a wrestle camp.

The second part...

Ready for some partner work on the bar:

shoulder straps

…or on the rings in the evening sunshine…

rings boi

Just hanging with your mates:


Cover 3 Thumb

lakeside 2

Gymnastics on the roof, even…


…or just FUN?


As I wake today here in Oak Ridge it is just on freezing outside – but hey, sun is forecast. Not, I fear, hot enough for any serious sunbathing yet, though! As I think I have said several times this year already: ROLL ON SUMMER…


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