“Muscles are Made of Chicken”

Today’s Gallery Theme: Doing Things Together


There are, perhaps, better images of fitness than swilling beers while practicing your one-arm balances, but you get the idea. It is the ever-increasing enthusiasm of the young twins for their fitness training that inspires this post and its rather odd title.

Their mum, ever supportive, tried to explain that they needed to eat more protein to build their muscles up, and said that was why they were being fed chicken one day for dinner. To which Josh asked ‘Does that mean that if you sliced up my bicep it would taste of chicken then?’

I’m not sure what answer he got, but it reminded me of something I read recently. Extracting chicken from biceps may not be straightforward – but:

“Sunbeams may be Extracted from Cucumbers, but the Process is Tedious”

David Doggett, Pamphlet, 1799

It’s logical after all: if sunbeams make the cucumbers, then they’re in there somewhere. Like the chicken in Josh and Stevie’s muscles!


Fun in the sun together, there. Novel strength / acrobatic training.

The young twins cannot get enough of the new regime of bodyweight and light dumbbell training, plus playing around with handstands and other simple acrobatics. My boy Leo is enjoying it too, especially as he gets paid when he helps out. And the twins’ best friend, also 9yo, wants ‘in’ too… maybe I have inadvertently started up a new business in ‘bratpack’ training, but it’s fun.


Boys enjoy getting dirty, too, so why not enjoy wrestling on the sea shore?

Fitness training with partners can be taken to extreme lengths: our twins are probably not quite ready for this yet, not least because their teeth are not strong enough…

dont overdo it

…nor ready yet for weights of this calibre…

gym partners

…but maybe this: I mentioned ‘snow swimming’ during our recent blizzards, and one or two people were a bit puzzled… so here we are:


It’s very straightforward… just a front crawl. Dive in and enjoy…

Anyway, straightforward weights gym and gymnastics are probably better illustrations of ‘doing it together’…




Back with the biceps: fancy a bite? Today’s flavour is ‘roast beef’…


These guys have an outdoor gym… and time to enjoy each other’s company too…


Showing off a bit:


And, maybe if you’re a wee bit gay, taking advantage of acrobatic training to share a private moment…


Which puts me mind, inevitably, of where my writings all began, with Loving the Boy! Here’s part two of the tale (for a fuller explanation of part 1, see the end of the previous post):

Cover2 Full

As you can see, more acrobatics, and a fateful trip from TN to Edinburgh Scotland…

A little shared gay love, to finish off our pictures for today:



Yep, as far as Dave and I are concerned, we are following our theme exactly and ‘doing it together’! Fitness – and the rest…





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2 Responses to “Muscles are Made of Chicken”

  1. Ira Schafer says:

    I assume you don’t publish the names of your correspondents, but sometimes keep in contact. I work in a conservative field. I really enjoy your posts because, if I weren’t working three jobs, I’d be able to look like these guys. I wish I did. I try to keep fit, since I’m a substitute teacher and sometimes do PE. Unfortunately, I can’t exercise to the level you do due to lack of time, but I do try my best. Do you ever travel with your group to the Chicago area? I live in Bourbonnais, just south of Chicago. If you do travel here, try to get booked at Bradley Bourbonnais Community High School. We’re a small “Mayberry”-type town with BBCHS the only good auditorium available to the public. If you do book here, I’m not sure about the wisdom of mentioning my name. However, we just hosted Crystal Gayle in our auditorium for a charity event raising money for Kankakee County Training Center, which employs the mentally and physically handicapped. In recent years, the High School also hosted bodybuilding contests, so your group wouldn’t be so unusual a booking, plus we’re relatively close! Let me know if it works out!

    • tonycavanagh says:

      I doubt if we could compete with Crystal Gayle!! Actually we are doing far less performing and more ‘real’ work (coaching) these days, but we’ll keep your venue in mind. You can use gymacrobat@gmail.com for more private chat, but don’t expect instant responses! And, no, I do not publish names of correspondents nor do I always use real names or tag photos: privacy is important to us all.

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