More Bacteria Afoot…


‘Yeeeeuch!‘ observes Dave after reading what I wrote in the previous post about under-arm bacteria. ‘I quite like your armpits too – at least, I did until now! Just don’t mention the feet…’

Ah. Lots of guys do things together barefoot. Swimming. Most martial arts. Most gymnasts train barefoot, although socks are required for men in competition on certain apparatus. And of course, wrestling affords not only plenty of skin-on-skin contact (and bacterial transfer!) but, in many styles including ours, fighting with the bare feet.

Hence, Today’s Gallery Theme is: Barefoot

feet 2

We go barefoot a lot, by choice. It keeps the feet fresher, but also can expose them to transferable ailments. There are three principal threats in everyday foot-to-foot contact: general bacteria (‘cheesy’ feet), athlete’s foot (fungus) and the verruca (very infectious by contact through wet pool floors and so forth).

Meet the bacteria8235088_f260! Cheerful little guys, huh? This image is false colour, of course. If you compare them with the examples in the previous post you will see they are quite different. Our between-toes environment offers the perfect humidity and temperature combined with foot-flavour sweat which makes the little beasties thrive. Best remedy? Wash! No sweaty trainers and ancient stiffening socks. Feet open to the air are healthier feet.

Next, the fungus.  athletes footThis also enjoys that environment but is a different kind of plague, requiring more specific antifungal medications to get rid of it – a weak solution of hydrogen peroxide is one option. It is easily spread between barefoot athletes or when (for some reason) you wear someone else’s socks.

verrucasAnd, finally, the ‘star’ of the show, the verruca. This is caused by a viral infection and very easily spread. It is treatable with specially formulated gels, followed by covering up the thing so that it cannot spread to someone else.

Three things (and this is far from an exhaustive list!), each needing a different type of treatment. You may well ask why anyone would go barefoot into any kind of public area where others are barefoot… yet we all do, don’t we? Swimming pools are the obvious one.

‘Oh well,’ sighs Dave. ‘Just don’t start researching what  rubs off your chest onto my back… or your entire body will be out of bounds…’

Unlikely to happen, either with Dave or the rest of the largely gay assembly we train with. No-one died yet… and barefoot feels soooooooo good, indoors or out…






private workout




Transferring the bacteria to the mat and then perhaps on to the weights…..!





I’m not entirely sure what’s happening here, but it fits the theme…


Lovely offering to the Gods, if that’s what it’s about! Hope he’s not dead!

If you ever wondered why a footbath is mandated upon entry to our training cabin, and a shower before starting a workout in Chad’s private gym, now you know!

All of our gym and gay adventures over about five years can be found here:

The first part...The second part...Cover 3 Thumb




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