Who Needs to Run Away?


In the old days, you ‘ran away to join the circus’. In our unusual and extended family, the circus has been part of it all for as long as I have been in the USA – 16 years and counting! And the children – my son Leo and Dave’s daughter Jaymee – have very much become part of the circus scene. And they are in demand, along with Leo’s close friend Chris: they appeared with a selection of our group in the circus in the last summer vacation and are in demand again.

What to do? Give up the whole summer yet again, for a pastime they absolutely enjoy but which we, the adults, are becoming a little tired of? What about our other potential summer plans? Go to our place in Wales UK? It’s been more than a year…


Leo and Jaymee’s acrobatic potential is in no doubt. Chris adds the strength moves and a little balance ability too, and they work well as a trio doing both balance and ‘fakir’ stuff. If a couple of our adults in the group went with them, doing acrobatics too and adding to the ‘fakir’ “spectacle” for eight weeks while the other artists take a break, the circus guy would be overjoyed.

Leo would be even more overjoyed if Karla, the girl he likes who works with Jaymee in competitions, would go too, but this seems unlikely for reasons of her family situation. Chris and Jaymee, on the other hand, grow increasingly fond…  to the extent that Jaymee now makes a point of being in our training cabin in early morning sessions when Leo, Chris and the boys are in there. The usually train naked and she has been a rather reluctant observer: however, since her mother Karen and her partner Clare have trained naked for as long as I have known them, she has become a minority. And this morning, she quietly showed up and just got down to it with the rest of them…

how to train!

Perhaps I should explain this this training is highly professional, stretching, weights and acrobatic moves. All of them are dedicated to fitness and their performing skills, and good for them.


There are conflicts, in regard to the summer plans. Leo and Chris are desperate to join up with their UK friends Olly and Alex, who they view as their closest friends in fitness and whose progress is shared daily via Skype. And Dave and I would like that too, since Olly’s dad is my oldest friend… decisions, decisions. So everyone is torn two ways about the summer. And that’s when we are still ‘enjoying’ snow flurries and the tail end of winter! Why does everything get so complicated?

OK, the rest of Today’s Gallery Theme: Acrobatic Fitness


(…in the snow, note!)




(Yes, that guy performs in the bath… well, we all try to be original!)






(Well, that’s more climbing than acrobatics, but I give them all full marks for entertainment value!)

Of course, all gymnastics is essentially a performance:



I guess we have to let all this ‘hang in the air’ for a while, and see what is finally decided!


Plenty of our previous circus adventures to be found here…

The first part...The second part...Cover 3 Thumb



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