And Then There Were Three

Today’s Gallery Theme: Training Boys


I’ve started with the kettlebells because that is the latest craze of my son Leo and his friends.

The training twins, 9yo boys Stevie and Josh, have now been joined by a very enthusiastic friend called Alvin. Perhaps fairer to say that Alvin’s father is the enthusiast because he is an ex college sportsman and remains an enthusiastic weight trainer. Alvin is into that already and has been pushing the twins, against our initial advice, to start using weights when they can get access to some.


So, they are training in our cabin now whenever a parent is available to transport them to a session, rather than in their own basement where there is space but no weights (as yet!). We have to check first that no-one else is training naked, of course – just as likely to be the females as the males – before we let them in, not least because the taxi-parent will also usually be joining us! Jaymee, faced every day with naked boys and their own mums has basically given in and thrown modesty to the winds: the cabin is her professional training environment too, however hungrily Chris stares at her…

(No, I’m not illustrating that!)

But not during twin training sessions! They were desperate to try a bed of nails and Dave and I judged that they are now sufficiently in control of their muscle tension to make this possible. So we lifted each of the three boys in turn by shoulders and feet, already ‘stiffened up’ and instructed not to move, and laid them experimentally on the ironwork. And they took to it with great enthusiasm! We even had one young boy on top of each of them, doubling the effective weight. So our lessons on muscle control along with their generally increasing strength are certainly paying off. But we hid the swords and the broken glass, just in case!


At their current rate of progress and enthusiasm, these young kids are going to overtake us all in their strength and skills. Kind of scary, but huge fun to work with them, and Leo loves playing his part (and getting paid too, of course).


The twins and Alvin are not doing gymnastics as such – just some elementary acrobatics so far. But, if they wanted to try more formal gymnastics, they would be well equipped. They, like most 9yos, retain their infant flexibility and we can work with that to keep them in excellent shape.


It becomes increasingly likely that Leo, Jaymee and Chris will indeed be joining the circus during the summer school vacation, thereby compromising our own plans. However, since they are so professional about what they do, and so much enjoy it, that we are probably going to have to give in. Who goes with them – and someone is going to have to – remains to be seen.


Give it a year and the twins could maybe go as well! I’m convinced they could be good enough, and the circus dude loves to have the youngsters on the playbill because it brings in the kids in the summer.





(You can never have enough gymnast photos! But the rest of today’s “training boys” are doing strength work.)





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river viiperi special (16)



You can read more about our ‘stuff’ in these:

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0
The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6
Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7



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