Up Close and (Un)Comfortable

…mainly, ‘comfortable’ – hence:

Today’s Gallery Theme: Up Close


…starting with the UNcomfortable – but enormous FUN – of wrestling NHB style in a maximum dress code of Speedos. But look closely at the ‘trapped’ guy – if you turn his head the right way up, that’s a smile!

Yes, we love our close contact activities – and being gay adds that special frisson of course (I think I have the French right – Dave would know, but he’s out). Muscle against muscle, skin on skin, mud… wait, mud?


…yes, OK! Can’t complain about a little mud, I suppose. We coat ourselves in oil, preferably, and when we choose to get wet for wrestling, it isn’t always sea water either. ‘Nuff said, I think.

small lovingBut being gay, and having both a wonderful partner and close like-minded friends, means that being up close is generally very comfortable. I’m afraid that’s as big as that picture will go, so here’s another on a rather similar theme…


Love. It saddens me that so many straight people seem to feel that love between two guys must in some way be evil and wrong. We just have a preference, like they do: why should everyone be the same?


There’s two swimmers just congratulating each other – anything wrong?

Stretching, in the acrobatic gym?


If hugging your partner close improves your ‘box’ split, why not? You don’t have to be in love, nor even ‘gay’.


Two guys actually touching one another! Ouch! But this next one does look a teensy bit gay, don’t you think? Naked together in the water! Ho hum…


I would, of course, love you to get together with a friend to read one of my books… shirtless, naturally…

res_readmoretumblr_nyqgc4_DTCf1rvm4amo1_500or, preferably, to read all three of them!

The first part...The second part...Cover 3 Thumb

OK. I sneaked that little ad in rather well, I thought. Let’s enjoy some more ‘up close’ shall we? Coach and gymnast? A different kind of relationship!

high bar prep

Just posing…


Actually, gym lads do it a lot!

four gym lads 2

But the bottom line is that true loving feeling between a gay guy and his partner…


These two Turks probably aren’t gay but… nonetheless… !!!


But, for Dave and I, just being together like these two here is absolutely brilliant! Thanks, Dave, for the love…





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