More on Gay Childcare!

Sorry if this is boring, but the latest statistics from my home country (UK) are interesting, given the recent discussions with the father of one of my 9yo training boys.

Today’s Gallery Theme: Training Success


The first part...The second part...Just to recap, the guy was struggling to come to terms with me being gay and having Leo as a 14yo son. I think, at first, he thought that I had adopted him. As my readers will (should!) know by now – that is absolutely not the case: see the first two of my books!

The interesting statistic I mentioned is that, in the UK, 12% of adoptions are now by gay couples, with the majority of those being by males. This represents an extraordinary difference from here in the northern edge of the ‘Bible Belt’!


(Outdoors, in the privacy of your yard, training in your underpants. And why not? Don’t want to get a shirt sweaty for no reason!)

In reality, the lesbian couple who are the mothers of Leo and Jaymee more or less adopted us! We finally came together in one household a couple of years ago, sharing with a second gay couple and all linked in some way or other to the previous owner, Dave’s dad, who allowed his older son to set up the treasured training cabin with his newly-found gay friend Ivo. Neighbours and friends accept us either as what we are, or presume that the very large home is shared by two separate families and takes in lodgers!


Leo and Jaymee’s evident survival (and evident heterosexuality!) in this ‘den of iniquity’ seems to tick all the boxes that Alvin’s father needs, and he went so far as to apologise today for previously asking the question about the relationship between Leo and I. So all is well.


(So many pictures out here of boys staring down at their abs (and quads in this case) while lifting… if he would just stand up straight and smile at the camera…)

At least, I Think that all is well! Alvin and his twin friends are certainly throwing themselves into everything we push at them.

Let’s enjoy some more gym successes:











A bit of a show-off, that final guy. But who can blame him?Cover 3 Thumb



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  1. IraSchafer says:

    I’m kind of surprised you cut the feet off those pictures!

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