Getting Our Act Together

Today’s Gallery Theme: Showing Off


Well, that’s maybe a combination of ‘Showing Off’ and ‘Getting Ones Act Together’!

Exploring new acrobatic positions was how we spent yesterday evening down at Chad’s gym – Dave and I, with Dave’s brother Pete and with Zach – because we made the decision that we will support the kids’ desire to spend the summer vacation performing with the circus and we four, plus Karen and Clare, will be the adult part of the act – those two contribute mainly fakir stuff so the adult acro will be down to us. And that’s a different combination from usual – Ivo has to remain to run the gymnastics centre and organise the coaching cover for the rest of us and Gary, who will be sadly missed because of his Kung-Fu contributions, actually took a job (that’s a real job!) that he cannot get out of. Of course, we will work with the kids too (that’ll be the three of them because Chris got leave to go as well from his parents), but we also leave them space to work on their own. Three months to get our act together there then.


(Now he’s got something worth showing off…)

The other half of the ‘deal’ is that we shall make a whirlwind ‘family’ visit to the UK over Easter – hopefully based around our place in Wales which we haven’t seen for ages. For years it was my parents’ favourite holiday home before we even bought it but, as they get older, they are tiring of the somewhat exposed site in poor weather and the stuff that needs to be done to keep it standing. Even though Dave and I pay for that, work needs to be supervised. Dave’s parents had a trial ‘caretaker’ vacation in what passed for the British late summer last year, and didn’t much enjoy the driving rain and howling gales either, although they at least escaped the serious floods in their part of the UK. So we’re going to have frank discussions about the future of Cefn Derwen alongside the difficulties of us spending more time there: set against that is the developing love of the place that Jaymee, Leo and their friends have (even though it is 4000 miles from their home…). And then there are assorted relatives to visit – it already sounds like a nightmare to fit it in to the school vacation period even though we have negotiated a slight extension on the grounds of their excellent school attendance record.


Chris doesn’t get to come with us on that trip though – much as he would like to see his fitness-freak friends Ollie and Alex: the deal with his parents (rightly) was ‘one or the other’ but not both. Otherwise, as Steve his dad put it not entirely in jest, we had better just adopt him! I hope that he chose the circus tour with no pressure, but knowing Leo and Jaymee and how much they enjoying showing off their considerable performing skills with him which they have all worked on so doggedly, I’m not betting on it.


In between the two trips, Dave, Pete and I need to cover as many coaching sessions as we can possibly survive in order to have others cover for us for a whole eight weeks: at least, at that time, the numbers drop off due to summer camps and so forth.


(You don’t need to stare down at your abs, guys: we can see for ourselves where you’ve put the effort in…)

So that’s our year sorted! And next Sunday also, plus another day later. When we were done with our training, Cody and Adge offered a wrestling oil up, which is hard to resist, and an invitation to swim next Sunday. I’m pretty sure that Cody has a proposition, to help out in some way with a forthcoming party booking in his basement den of iniquity (S&M), probably involving some acrobatics, some wrestling and (maybe) more. He said there’s money in it – and it wouldn’t be the first time… we’ll see!


(…and YOU don’t need to point, sir. We see you’re proud of that bicep – and you should be pretty proud of the rest, too!)

If Cody’s probable invitation surprises, don’t let it. In our early days in TN we did get up to a few things we probably shouldn’t, and Cody was one of the guys who took great care to keep trouble and risk away from us when we were too naïve to see it coming, on behalf of Chad who had let us into private gym under age.

Find out more here in the first two books, which cover our gay love and a lot of acrobatic and circus stuff as well…

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7

[By the way, time out for a quick reminder. URLs from those hyperlinks lead direct to the volume on the publisher’s site and work with most browsers, although IE seems a bit troubled sometimes. Links on posts written before September 2014 are NO LONGER VALID but I cannot possibly change them all – apologies for that]


(A memory of showing off in the snow…)


(…yeah, “look at me!  Bet you won’t do this! I’m COOL”…….)

So, we’re getting our act together in several ways, but not yet addressing our long-term future. Dave and I would love our two kids to do some growing up in UK, or at least in Europe. Understandably, their mothers are not that keen. However, the possibility of them being engaged by a circus in Austria once they are free to leave school has been offered through friends. We haven’t told them yet.



(A bit skinny, but obviously he has started packing on the pounds)


(OK, just hang in there. Showoff!)


(Now that IS cool! Look at the flexibility he needs – and the bandages on his left leg and foot… Just for those who might wish to give it go [not on our say-so please!], the right hand lets go of the rope  ever so briefly to let the right leg through and makes a hasty re-grasp lower down before the right thigh ends up sitting on the rope… and we would teach such a move using a harness in the early stages!)

AND FINALLY (for now) – about a week ago we passed 1¼ million hits on this site. Thanks a (er) million, guys, for your interest!

Actually, isn’t that worth just one more ‘show-off SHOUT’?? This could be any one of you, if you just set aside a little time for fitness!



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