Deja Vu – Again!

Today’s Gallery Theme: Pictures That Need a Comment!


(1) Well, he looks pleased with himself. And, with those shoulders and arms and that chest, so he should be! But what’s with the plastic sheet? Someone’s going to make a big mess – even the back of the piano is protected! Surely something more than just a tan spray for a bodybuilding competition…?

Hello again. Two quick updates on things I’ve mentioned recently. The dinner with my third 9yo trainee’s parents went well. No issues, except that his father quietly confided with me that about 12 years ago, before he got married, he had bought a video which had me in it. ‘You haven’t changed a bit…’ Ouch! Don’t some foolish things just come back and bite you on the leg when you least expect it? So now, a guy that he saw wrestling naked (and probably a bit more after) is now left alone with his son and two of his friends, training their bodies. He’s kewl (and, of course, the son is absolutely safe!). Like we each have a dark secret… Hmmm. Loving the Boy and The Power of Love tell all my darkest secrets, I suppose…


(2) A nice sunny day for some weight training outdoors. perfect… wait! Isn’t that snow I see there? So you’re making a point, right? Some forearm, by the way…

Then there was Cody’s swim invitation, in order to make us an offer we couldn’t refuse. Today is reasonable temperature (56F at daybreak – that’s 13C), still, drizzling…perfect I suppose. We negotiated to do it this morning in order to return for our customary ‘British’ Sunday lunch – the one time that our household ceases briefly to follow American traditions! Lunch now over, and time to record that my suspicions were absolutely correct…


(3) ‘Gay? Who, us? Nah, just working on it…’

…Cody, as those aforementioned books tell, lives in the woods kind of ‘out of sight’ with his current partner Adge, and amuses himself by maintain a ‘basement of pleasure’ facility, shall we say – OK, lets call it S&M – for parties of tired, frustrated or just plain kinky guys who he seems to gather up from miles away and arrive in buses for nights of pleasure and pain whilst somehow still keeping his location “off the map”. It is his swimming hole that I first stumbled into all those years ago – he swims every day of the year, and loves his friends to join in. We’ve made it a kind of family thing, although the girls skipped today to prepare our food. Leo came, but we left him swimming widths of the river against the clock with Adge timing whilst we had our ‘private’ talk with Cody. That’s me and Dave, Pete and Zach, who he watched training some new acro moves the other day ready for the summer circus engagement.


(4) Welcome to ‘Sandy Beach’! “We welcome Frei Korper Kultur” – that’s what FKK means in German – and it is very popular in Germany and Austria and in resorts beloved of those folks. Never mind that the location here is a tiny ‘cupboard’ overlooked by about a million hotel bedroom windows…

Such a group – about 80 he thinks – is coming to his fun palace next weekend and he wants us to put on a show (he converted a barn [very badly] into a sort of makeshift auditorium which is where we first saw Karen and Clare doing their fire/torture fakir act). Some acrobatics following by ‘exhibition’ wrestling, he thought and then, after some refreshments – ‘you could do the waiting for it – nude, obviously’ – help to get things moving down in the dungeon by agreeing to some basic participation to start with…

OMG. Haven’t we been here before, once or twice, before we ‘grew up’. ‘I’ll pay you handsomely, of course…’ Oh.

likes rain

(5) So we’re not the only fitness freaks who enjoy being shirtless in the rain. Such a great feeling, communing with nature. He couldn’t look happier and, with that body, why shouldn’t he…

Zach agreed immediately without asking the rest of us. He always does that. He’s got us into all sorts of things that Dave and I, at least, would never have done. Things we don’t really regret, though – because we enjoyed doing them. Showing off what we can do – showing off what we’ve got…

…the thing is, that anything involving Cody and Adge involves (i) getting naked with lots of body contact; and (ii) pain, in some (hopefully mild) form or other. And I’m not referring to the nail beds and glass he’ll hope we’ll use in the “show” – that’s part of our ‘professionalism’ I guess. I’m referring to the things he likes to inflict with his collection of instruments of torture. But, once things are getting up steam, we can slip away back to the real world…


(6) Yeah, wild swimming a la Clinch River. A good place to sit and think. Zach could do more thinking, we reckon, than he does. Cody’s place is 100 yards from the Clinch River but more than a mile from any public road and with no ‘obvious’ driveway. He seems to have successfully hidden himself away for 20 years!

We’re going to do it, of course.


(7) I have been known to ‘tickle the ivories’, as I rashly admitted to one of my regular correspondents. This resulted in getting two original pieces of music dedicated to me on circus themes (thanks, Ian!!). Having a friend help to sort out where the six sharps go does make it more fun, of course…


(8) ‘Shut up and keep still while I phone a friend…’


(9) ‘I want you to meet my new training partner…’


(10) ‘OK, I whisked it – now what do I do?’

tumblr_nc659eOTKD1rbl5yto1_1280 (2)

(11) Dave’s birthday party gets a bit out of hand…


(12) Perhaps the one that doesn’t really need an explanation, but explains itself in terms of what we are. It is about 4pm east TN time as I post this but, for some reason, I feel really ready for bed!

And, finally for this post, I re-read the previous one and realised that my description of how one does the back flip on a rope was wrong. Don’t know what came over me – you do, of course, have to let go the rope with the right hand as well as the left, as your right leg comes through astride the rope, re-grasping very quickly to make a stirrup for your right thigh. Otherwise you break your wrist or fall off. I’ve put it right now but, for anyone who tried to follow my instructions and have a go (and PLEASE DON’T DO THAT!! – ever), I hope that the hospital is taking good care of you. In fact, DON’T EVER try anything out at home without proper guidance – anyone who knows what they are doing will be glad to assist and to make sure you remain safe…

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3 Responses to Deja Vu – Again!

  1. Platinumboy says:

    Why does it not surprise me that you are/were a professional nude wrestler? Will I need to buy the book, or will you let us know what name you used and where to find the video? My real name is Ira, of course, but you understand privacy concerns. Call me Platinumboy.

    • tonycavanagh says:

      Well now, Platinum boy… I have never made any secret of the fact that this blog started at the recommendation of my publisher in order to promote those wretched books. So, if you could be persuaded – at least the e-versions from Amazon, although the feel of a real book in the hand is quite erotic…

      I was never a professional nude wrestler. Dave and I, and some others, around age 18, made a few videos/DVDs which, with the benefit of hindsight, were probably a bad idea! It started, more sensibly, as weight-training and acrobatic videos. Happily, they are long ‘out of print’ and best forgotten. Dave and I went under pseudonyms anyway, and the whole point of pseudonyms is… not to tell!

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