Speedo Story


An, yes – Speedos! (Other brands are available…..!)

And so Today’s Gallery Theme is: -oh, come on, do I have to spell it out…


No ‘another day in Tone’s life’ stuff today. Just a diversion. Budgie smugglers…

Some guys love to work out in Speedos in the weights gym. Personally, I hate it. They always seem to cause rapid chafing on my left thigh, right in the crotch where they stretch the tightest. And that was true before I had my little medical mishap a DVT in 2014. Hard to tell the difference between the legs now – or I wouldn’t still be performing – but still don’t like the Speedo feel. For shows we use silk-based briefs, tangas or straight-cuts.

Swimming, though – that’s altogether different. Assuming we are not somewhere where we can dispense with cozzies altogether – private pools or skinny-dips, or Holland at night in public pools (!) – I cannot abide longer shorts for that. Clinging and clammy around the legs, just what you don’t need for swimming. So, in those circumstances, Speedos it is. Everything nicely in control: slick, streamlined…


In France, in public swimming pools, men must wear Speedos. By law! Honestly. The argument is that baggier shorts may have been worn outside the pool, gathered dirt or whatever which could be transferred to the pool whereas you weren’t going to travel the Metro to get to the pool in your Speedos, were you, so chances are they’ll be clean.


Allegedly. I know someone who, for some bizarre reasons, insists in sleeping in Speedos. Chances are that if he showed up later at La Piscine, there might just be a little ‘contamination’. Just love the French for that one.


Cut to the good ole US of A and, in particular, to Cape May, New Jersey (shout to any readers there – you’ll know what’s coming!). For 45 years, up until 2005, it was ILLEGAL for men over the age of 12 (!) to wear Speedos in public. Yes, that’s FORTY-FIVE YEARS.


(Well, the guy on the left has Speedos, so I’ll let that one in, especially as it illustrates our next point…)

This extraordinary ban was brought in because of homophobic claims that Speedos were essentially worn by gay men for the express purpose of advertising their ‘packages’ to each other. Well, those two guys in the picture above don’t need to flaunt their budgie-smugglers to know what they want…


It is kind of inevitable, is it not, that there will be a bulge, and the size of that bulge will reflect the emotional state of the contents. But look at college wrestling uniforms, for goodness sake – flaunted all over every college and high school campus with clear messages about size, whether the guy is ‘cut’ or not and whether his activities up against a virile male opponent are arousing anything in his juices – and all that in front of the cheerleading girls.


One has to wonder what is in the water in Cape May that led to this extraordinary law based on homophobia lasting well into the 21st century. But, then, why should I be surprised? This is America…





Heaps of Speedo fun going on in that image, I think. Look top left as well… at least six of ’em up to stuff! I was going to say ‘Speedo action’, but that would probably be misconstrued in Cape May as well!

Our ‘fun’ can be found here: enjoy!

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

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5 Responses to Speedo Story

  1. Platinumboy says:

    I found your comment about wrestlers at the high school and college level wearing skin-tight wrestling singlets interesting. I’ve always suspected that some of those wrestling photos were of high school boys. The question in my mind is why school districts allow such tight garments in high school. I would understand something that’s not loose, but why so revealing? This subject reminds me of the nude swimming conversation a group of my friends and I had years ago. All in my group had grown up in a time when nude swimming for boys in high school was mandatory. Some historic online photos even showed nude high school boys practicing in high school pools in front of girls! I remember when I decided to do online research on the subject seeing a United States high school yearbook photo from the 50’s or 60’s on one of the websites where the entire team posed nude (for the yearbook!). Times have changed a great deal about nude swimming, but why don’t highschools and colleges require a non-revealing) cup be worn for wrestlers (rhetorical)?

    • tonycavanagh says:

      Good questions here. No answers! There is a widely-publicised campaign out there to do away with the uniform in favour of shirtless and (presumably) more conventional shorts, which would also solve the problem and, I think, be much more fun for the participants. The campaign is, perhaps unsurprisingly, gay-led. And, as a Brit, I never can understand why one should wear socks and trainers for wrestling. Oh well.

  2. Platinumboy says:

    I decided to buy your books (all three). I must admit that seeing the word “adult” in the category of books where Melrose lists yours gave me pause. However, I figured that if you are careful about the content of your website, your books are probably not pornographic. I presumed that “adult” had a little different meaning in the UK versus the USA. I hope so.

    • tonycavanagh says:

      You are safe and not being exposed to pornography! I had log discussions with the publishers and advisors because I have include some explicit scenes, but the near 3/4 million words in the three books combined are not all about that! Yes, they discuss gay life and what gays do – hence, not for kids. But they discuss so much more; finding love, our love of sport, going on tour around large regions of the globe (although Book 1 does not escape USA) – a large amount of Book 3 centres on Edinburgh (Scotland) and the magical influence of the English Lake District. If I admit that re-reading some parts of it still brings tears to my eyes even though I wrote it, perhaps you’ll understand how much I tried to reach out to the emotional side of things. The publisher issues them as ‘fiction’ whereas much of it is fact, but re-worked to make it a ‘good read’ such that names, some locations and some events have been changed on the advice of those I have consulted who know more about writing than I do. Every location, though is true to life and has been of my (or ‘our’) journey. I sincerely hope that you will enjoy them.

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