‘True Grit’ – Putting in the Effort!

Today’s Gallery Theme: Determination!


This young gymnast’s face says it all. ‘I want to be the best and I’m not short-changing myself on these ab crunches!’ This little guy on the bar seems set on the same road to success:


That’s the sort of determination we like to see in the next generation – and it’s the sort of response we are getting from our own group of three 9yo trainees as well. Good for them. Here’s two generations in action together:


Since Dave and I, with Zach and Pete, resolved that we would support the circus tour (and our own kids!) during the school summer vacation, we’ve been putting in the hours trying to build back a credible acrobatic show. Over six months have passed since the last one, and it is surprising how quickly your performance and abilities deteriorate. Of course, we have done our weight training and general fitness, but when you have other calls on your time (like work!) it is difficult to keep up the training that a professional acrobatic performer needs to do. Anyway, we’ll get there. Eventually! Just lots of ‘true grit needed… and that includes enhancing the stretching and weights routines as well…


…weights obviously including resistance machines. We don’t need the intensity of the bodybuilder, of course…

quad intensity!

…or we wouldn’t have any flexibility left to perform anything! I hope that he doesn’t break his teeth.

Other calls on our time include helping Cody out this weekend with his visiting fetishists. Really, we have better things to do with our time, but old habits die hard I guess. ‘Nuff said about that, I think.

Determination, then:


Here’s ‘David’ (an Oriental one, not my partner!), smiling through the pain – look at the intensity of the muscle pull in his shoulders and pecs:


More shoulders under stress:





Yes, bar work always pays dividends! Especially the levers and planches.

bar planche

The first part...Cover 3 ThumbThe second part...Tales of our training – when we were in our ‘prime’! – can be found here, also covering our discovery of gay love, touring and assorted misadventures.  e-versions also available.

A few more images of guys putting in the effort, to finish for today:

p-bar pike



My final choice today is a very strange training position… I guess he goes into wide handstand and then does reverse leg lifts. Whatever it is, it is a great combination of muscle usage, and obviously works!


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