Pluses and Minuses

Today’s Gallery Theme: “Dei et Machina”…


(That’s the idea – muscle boys posing in front of their equipment!)

Walked into our kitchen yesterday evening to find Karla (Leo’s current squeeze and Jaymee’s acrobatic competition partner) in floods of tears, flanking by our two kids trying to comfort her. Turns out that on the same day, her parents disclosed that they were going to separate and the third member of their acrobatic trio, the ‘base’, suddenly quit gym with no explanation, thereby ruining the trio’s chances of entering a forthcoming competition.


Yep, somehow, in our extended household, there’s always a crisis, or at least a difficult decision to face!

We couldn’t do a great deal about the first issue, but we have done something about the second. Karla is a great acrobat in her own right, one of the ‘attributes’ which commends her to Leo. A sudden idea occurred to me, quickly discussed with Dave and the others, following by a difficult phone call to Karla’s mother. Karla is now invited to join the summer circus tour, working with Chris who can form a strong base for her to do individual balance and so forth – which gives us four youngsters (two boys two girls) plus our own ‘men’s four’ and our two fakir ‘mums’. Quite a crowd, but it will work. As ever, our faithful roady Chet will drive the tour bus, along with Karen taking occasional turns as she has a suitable license.


Karla is now as ‘over the moon’ as it is possible to be when you just learned your parents are headed for divorce: Leo and Chris are genuinely over the moon since they will now be working – and spending eight weeks with – their respective loves. Actually, it is really nice to be having a balanced team of eager and talented youngsters.


There is a potential snag, which I have not yet shared with the kids (unless they happen upon this post). The circus which is so keen to have them (and us) back seems to be in some financial difficulties, and has not yet agreed its tour schedule during the High School vacation period. Apparently, one act has just walked out after not getting paid last month until three weeks late. We’re watching this situation closely, as there is no ‘Plan B’ that we can think of if it turns out for the worst…


In the meantime, the continued training is doing none of us any harm.

dark gym



The first part...The second part...Cover 3 ThumbI went through a short phase of thinking to myself ‘it was easier in ‘our’ day,’ meaning when we were under 20 and discovering both ourselves and the art of touring as a circus act. Then I remembered that actually it wasn’t: all manner of shit hit the fan (pardon my prose) as my quasi-autobiographical books relate!

Oh well…




quad press tyro

river viiperi special (11)




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4 Responses to Pluses and Minuses

  1. It is written “DeUS eX machina”, not “DeI eT machina”

  2. tonycavanagh says:

    Yes, I know that. What I wrote means something slightly different…. Gods and their machines… Oh well, at least somebody thought about it!

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