Twisting My Words

I suppose I should have known better. ‘Bending’ a quotation to suit a different purpose, just for fun, and immediately someone complains I’ve mis-quoted. Oh well. Next time I won’t choose Latin – too many people understand it. Maybe Icelandic would serve…

Today’s Gallery Theme: Twisting and Turning

swinging-by-rope 2

Actually, we’re all spending quite a lot of time ‘twisting and turning (literally this time) as we prepare for what we hope will be a circus tour in the summer break period. Dave and I will do our ‘hanging by teeth’ stuff whilst Pete will hang by feet (eventually just one ankle wedged in the end of the trapeze rope) supporting Zach by one hand as he twists through a variety of flexibility moves.



As well as the usual tumbling to begin. ‘While we still can!’ says Pete mournfully, feeling his age. It is true enough that as we approach mid-thirties, none of us is as agile as we once were. It really is starting to feel as though we are truly ‘handing over’ to the next generation: our time has come!


Perhaps we’re headed to be weight trainers with less specific purpose. One of my followers is more than twice our age and still winning bodybuilding competitions, so there is hope for us yet.


I could devote more time to being a wordsmith in the future, I suppose, and twist a few more quotations. There are already over three quarters of a million of my words out there for all to read, and a fourth volume waiting to be published (anyone up for that??). All about our gay love, our training and performance antics and misadventures.

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7

You know the form: those links head straight to the publisher’s website, and there are e-versions available in the usual places.



I’ve just noticed that I’ve posted three pictures of artists using the silks. For some reason we’ve never really tried that. Mainly balance and strength moves for us.


That’s a fun one… oh what a tangled web he weaves…

And we can’t leave out the pole artists, now can we:


…nor the very flexible boys:


Back to ordinary gymnastics, where the pommel horse demands great hip flexibility…



Jay Thompson

…and, when they can do that – just put them on the floor…


That’s all for now…

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