Achieving by Working Together

Today’s Gallery Theme: Working Together


Working together (on fitness) doesn’t have to be ‘showing off’ – although doing a bit of street performance on a nice sunny day is surely fun! But we know some guys who lift a few weights half-heartedly in their basements or garden sheds, almost secretively, afraid that their efforts are unworthy and their bodies too underdeveloped to let themselves been seen by others.

Whether teaching weights or gymnastics, my principle is always they same. I don’t expect instant perfection, but I do expect to see improvement, resulting from the appropriate input of effort. Otherwise, both athlete and coach are wasting their time.


Sharing that effort with a like-minded friend, or a group of friends, always helps to speed up the process. Inevitably you push each other on, encouraging just that little bit more – one more repetition of the weights, maybe with a it of assistance, helping to push your body into the right shape in a handstand…


…whatever it is, it’s great.

Fabian Leimlehner07

In a gymnastics club, it’s a bit different – there are always other guys around to inspire you.


In a weights gym, other guys lifting huge weights when you cannot can be a bit down-heartening- hence my recommendation to attend with a mate at your own level – but remember, lifting the heaviest weight is only the point if your sport is weightlifting r bodybuilding. For any other sport, you more likely want to increase strength, which means lighter weights with more lifts.


Even the ballet boys do it together, and have a bit of fun…


Sometimes boys in groups just let their hair down and have the ‘fun’ without the ‘effort’!



Of course, if you train for wrestling, partners are part of the package:


…but there is always fun to be had…



So, make the effort, and do it with a friend!


Or friends…

four gym lads 1

four swimmers

Do it in your undies if you want!!


Both the same skinny build at the moment, so neither ’embarrassed’ by exposing his body to the other… and they’re in the right place, next to the dumbbell racks, to start making the gains they obviously desire!

And you can’t start them too young. Just to make my point, here finally are seven gym boys putting on a show for the mums and dads, obviously unembarrassed by their shirtlessness and keen to show off their skills…


Younger than I normally post, but spot-on for this post’s topic, I think. Let’s all get to work!

The first part...The second part...Cover 3 Thumb

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