Up Pompeii…

Today’s Gallery Theme: Body Image


This blog is primarily about fitness in the (not necessarily) gay male, but not everyone lifts weights or runs in order to improve their performance in a particular sport. For some, it is just about body image. “Never mind if you remain useless at any sport, so long as you look good on the beach, hey?”


No. I’m not suggesting for a moment that this superbly proportioned beach boy lifted weights just so he could pose in front of a blue sea. I’m sure, though, that he’s proud of his body image as well… he certainly deserves to be!

As summer approaches, though, there are plenty of folks who have idled their way through winter who will be planning their summer vacations and starting to feel that they need to do something (but as little as possible) to improve their appearance in a swimming costume. Or, perhaps more rarely, to improve their appearance without a swimming costume…

Cue Professor Mary Beard. A British academic historian who is making waves on Brit TV right now with her programmes on assorted bits of history, and the one which caught our attention (some friends over there noticed it and sent us a link which works over here) was about Pompeii, the ruins of which lie below the Vesuvius volcano in Italy. In the course of the programme she’s chatting away 19 to the dozen (her style) about (in this case) the mummified remains in a Roman bath house, and comments:

‘No riff-raff laughing at your willy here – for Romans loved nothing more than a good giggle at a wonky John Thomas…’

Obviously an upper-class bath house, then. But there she goes – whiffling on about our male personal parts on prime-time Brit TV… standards have obviously changed since I lived there 16 years ago!!

Of course, the said item (whatever you wish to call it) is the one part of the body which does not respond to weight lifting! Or of course, it does… if you’re gay and surrounded by prime male bodies to ogle… but that’s a different kind of ‘respond’, is it not… perhaps as in ‘Up Pompeii’???

I’ll shut up here and continue with some further prime male body images to tease your – ahem – reaction…


love this



power boi

shirt lifter

That is such a common ‘my body image’ pose…

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The first part...The second part...Cover 3 ThumbAnd now… on with the show…



Chu Hyung Ju



golden boi


The last one gets my top score. What do you think?

One of my occasional crossword clue teasers seems appropriate here. See what you can make of it – I’ll give the answer soon:

Manage to get firm going to gym (4)

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