Goodbye, Atlantic City

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Today’s Gallery Theme: Training the Shoulders

Sometimes it seems that there is little point in making complex plans. We were off to join a touring circus for the fourth time this summer vacation. The last three tours with them have been fun and more or less trouble free. But we were starting to get vibes that they had a tough time financially over the winter months with poor attendances. Several acts had left and not been replaced, and then they were having trouble paying people.

What was supposed to happen was that they were taking an eight-week pitch in Atlantic City to coincide with the school summer vacations. So the ‘tour’ was actually a one-stop shop, which suited us fine. It’s eating up the miles on the road that drives us nuts.


Well, the owner of what is obviously a prime site demanded the site rental up front, and the circus can’t pay. So its all off… they are going to hit the road again, with very little prior planning, and are begging us to stay on side with what is clearly something of a rag-bag of a show. I hadn’t told the youngsters that it was Atlantic City after I first found out, because I heard the rumours of difficulties at the same time. Now they know, and ‘p***sed off’ is hardly the word! Well, eight weeks at large in Atlantic City with the chance to show off in two performances a day is quite attractive to 14yos.


What to do?

The ideal alternative would have been to visit UK in that summer vac. However, we rushed to book a very brief trip at Easter, with non-refundable tickets, so we have to use those and we can’t really afford to go twice with three months. Meanwhile, we (as well as the kids) have put a huge effort into training, but joining an outfit which might well not be able to pay us, while travelling maybe hundreds of miles to join up with them and then enduring the dusty road for eight weeks, is not hugely attractive now.


Anyone out there got a ‘slot’ in an existing show over the summer? Preferably in a venue that doesn’t involve too much ‘moving on’! We are exploring a couple of other options which I’ll keep under wraps for now, as they probably won’t happen. Well, actually, one option is a circus in Austria, but that would be hugely expensive for all of us and our stuff, and they pay you to perform, not to cross the Atlantic…

We’ll have to see what comes along.




We’ve had plenty setbacks before in our performing ‘career’, as told in these tales:

The first part...The second part...Cover 3 Thumb

…thank goodness for the security of steady work coaching, and the odd few cents/pennies/euros that filter through when kind people actually buy the books or the electronic versions! Hint?

Meanwhile, on with the training:







And meanwhile, as we try to rescue something from our wrecked summer plan, we shall keep on raising a sweat like these pictured guys are… and I am trusting that most of you are ‘following the flag’ and doing the same?



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