“Even Barefoot, the Rain won’t Play…”


Limbering up before the swim meet.

Today’s Gallery Theme: Barefoot Boys

…pictures in which at least one boy is barefoot.

But what about that peculiar phrase in the title? What does it mean?

Well, the literature teacher in the French school that received it in an essay – well, more of a novel really – didn’t understand it, and the teenaged author couldn’t explain it. This is a fictional French school – we caught a fascinating late-night film about a boy in a French school who not only fantasised about his best friend’s family but wrote out complex soap-opera storylines for them and then appeared on screen in the friend’s house and life, both participating in and commenting on the action. There needed to be quite a few revisions, and all did not end well. But it was a comedy and a very clever cinematic style.


The beach: an obvious place for barefoot fun…

We authors (he said, smugly) are a strange bunch. We can write about ourselves, our lifestyles and our friends, and consequently bore the pants off any reader who does not know us. So there needs to be ‘artistic licence’; names need to be changed and sometimes locations (to ‘protect the innocent!) and tweaks need to be made to turn a ‘diary’ into a good yarn. But we need to avoid obscure language, yet keep the reader’s attention. I hoped that I did that with my first three books, whose covers within in this post lead to discoveries about where they can be obtained!


Shirtless and barefoot (in one case!) for ‘street’ workout.

The first part...

And within those books (or, indeed, within this blog) you will discover that I’m gay, in a loving relationship, and have been dedicated to acrobatic sports and performance for the last 15 years. Like most gymnasts we train barefoot, and like going barefoot most of the time outside the gym… cool damp grass underfoot is a wonderful feeling, and it is a healthy style too.


Practicing ‘layout’ somersaults.

Shirtless in the rain – another story. Love running shirtless in the drizzly rain.


Let’s assume he was barefoot…

Anyway, back to the topic.

I’m fairly confident that, for the fourth book Let The Future Find Me, I haven’t written drivel. But I haven’t gotten an agent interested in it either. The first three, I found a ‘vanity’ publisher. Then, when one of those books reached the ‘long list’ for a gay literary prize in the UK, I decided to try and be a proper writer, with an agent and stuff. But the way it works is, you find an agent, send the stuff in and wait. And wait, possibly for ever, because if they don’t like it, they don’t respond. For ‘like’ read ‘think they can make money out of it’.


Acrobatic fun in the park. Love it!

The second part...

So I chose a likely British agent, given that the first three were published in the UK. I’ve waited six months for that reply. It’s not about us; it’s fiction; it’s not overtly gay but the main character is a gay lad unhappy with his sexuality: it ends in tears. I’ve now realised that the problem for the agent is maybe that it is set entirely here in America, between North Carolina and Washington State. So I’ll maybe try something this side of the pond. But most of the gay-friendly agents I’ve discovered seem to want porn, and porn it is not. We’ll see.


Sweaty barefoot pull-ups in the gym.

I’m rather proud of that title, which describes the action really. Let The Future Find Me.

Fate! I’m not encouraged by the titles of recent published ‘successes’ (actually, short-listed for ‘Oddest Book Title of the Year’ by the magazine ‘The Bookseller’!!) which include Transvestite Biker Nuns from Outer Space, A Cultural Analysis of the Anus, Crocheting Adventures with Hyperbolic Planes and How to Poo on a Date. And agents liked those!!!


Hey, what are you guys up to?

Just for the record, the author of the ‘anus’ book is a research professor in ‘Queer Theory’ at Brandon University in Canada. You couldn’t make it up, could you?


More outdoor training. Barefoot, and bare, well, everything.

Cover 3 Thumb

“I suggest that people walk around under the moon barefoot, as I have today. There’s that voice of your mom and dad and aunt and big sister and uncle and annoying cousin in your ear saying “Your feet are going to get dirty and you’re going to turn into a bat” so the defiance in the act of simply taking your shoes off and standing there under that moon— is astronomical. A dirty-feet-moonlit-defiance that will make you smile.” C. JoyBell C. One from Google…


Alexander putting the poolside equipment provided to good gymnastic use.

My hero in Let The Future Find Me is a barefoot boy. It only gets him into trouble once, when he encounters for the first time one of those irritating NS3 notices in a store: “No shirt, no shoes, no service.” They usually cite health regulations, but coming into the store in shoes which have just stepped in dog crap is obviously quite OK.


A higher front support than Alexander showed us in the previous picture.

OK. Enough barefoot drivel. Enjoy the last few pictures!


Poolside posers.


Perfect sun-tanned poolboy.


Three-way barefoot strangeness – and what a colour scheme… [and I may live in America but I still cannot bring myself to write it as ‘color’]


Training on the parallel bars.


Play time, after workout time.



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2 Responses to “Even Barefoot, the Rain won’t Play…”

  1. Platinumboy says:

    It sure would be nice to go to a private place where we can see these naked acrobats outside in action. What I’m thinking is a private, “invitation only” show where the performers can do their thing naked and barefoot, in the sun or rain. Pool time would be good, too. Summer’s coming up.

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