We’re Back in the Old Country


Today’s Gallery Theme: ‘Two… (or Three) Guys…’

Our ‘lightning’ trip to the UK for the Easter break is upon us. Within two hours of landing at London Heathrow airport, and the kids proudly proffering their British passports (dual nationality!), Dave and Jaymee were on a ‘Pendolino to Penrith’ (that’s a fast train!) to meet up with Dave’s parents while Leo and I were doing the same with mine in Oxford. It is kind of nice to see everyone again, of course, but there is a certain predictability about the conversations. ‘Gosh, he’s filled out’, says my mum, gazing at her grandson who is taller than both his grandparents, not to mention the muscle he’s piled on.


My mum still has issues with our training fetish; ‘Be careful, dear, don’t overdo it’: but then I know she also has a sneaky admiration that her grandson (never mind me!) has appeared on TV doing acrobatic performances!

Leo, of course, straight away wants to go over and meet up with his UK training mates Ollie and Alex to compare notes – and bodies – and skills – but we grounded him for 24 hours just to give the parents a chance to spend time with him. They’re meeting up this afternoon, though, and I shall go over to catch up with my oldest friend Colin and his wife also. And they’re coming down to Wales for a couple of days over the actual Easter weekend, when we shall all be there.


Damn cold here in the UK, compared with home in the UK. At least the endless chain of storms seems to be over. Yes, we’ve woken up to frosts back in the US, but daytime highs are reaching UK summer temperatures already whereas here they’re settling for around 5C (41F) and think that’s pretty good for March! I  suppose, for Britain, it is, actually.


We’ve escaped ‘Trumpmania’ for a bit, but politics over here is getting almost as heated, with the great debate about whether to leave the EU, resignations in government, and, right here in Oxford, a Rhodes scholar leading a rebellion to get the statue of Cecil Rhodes removed from Oriel College (a bit ironic, that — he lost — plus several other race-related campaigns going on with speakers to University societies being banned, and so forth).


So, as we ‘chill’ here in UK for a bit (literally!), let the pictures continue:

0032 - SPORT


Easter reading – 1:

The first part...


bc_matched set

Easter reading – 2:

The second part...



Easter reading – 3:Cover 3 Thumb






And now my mum’s traditional British Sunday lunch awaits…

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