“Are We Safe Here, Dad?”

belgium…that’s my 14yo fitness freak muscleboy acrobat son, on vacation from the USA  with me and his grandparents in the City of Oxford, UK. On TV, scenes of Brussels airport bombings and the destroyed subway carriage.

He asked us if Donald Trump was right to suggest banning Muslims from the US. ‘It is always the Muslims isn’t it, dad?’ Well, yes son, it does seem that way.

And so here he is, in Europe, old enough now to think adult thoughts about what is going on around him. London first, some years ago: Paris, and now Belgium. Where next?

So I reminded him, as gently as I could, about the gun-ownership issue in the US, and how kids get hold of guns and go shoot up schools, and how a total nutter Andreas something-or-other shot dead dozens of young people on an island in Norway. ‘But the last one back home was Muslims, right? That’s why Trump said it…? Hmmm. He’s right, of course.

This is not a religious blog. Heaven knows, what we’ve been up to over the years… Infidels, definitely.

Nor is this, intentionally, a racist blog. He (and now I) merely state, and confirm, facts.

What to do? Vote Trump when the time comes? Hardly…

God knows. (If there is one, He seems to be losing the battle against alternative faiths right now).

I asked Leo what he would do if he went into the city centre tomorrow morning and there was an incident. ‘Try and help,’ was the response. That’s my boy.

For those of us untouched directly by today’s tragedy, we best show our determination against these fanatical idiots by carrying on as normal. For that reason, and hopefully not offending anyone, I shall now post pictures as normal.

Today’s Gallery Theme: ‘Good Looking Guys’



He’s definitely just finished a hard workout…

25 (3)




Wet or sweat?



a look


chest tattoo





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1 Response to “Are We Safe Here, Dad?”

  1. Platinumboy says:

    Sadly, you are right about the Muslims. The Koran defines anyone who isn’t a Muslim (even those who aren’t anything) as targets for assassination. I remember the video last year where some Muslims were throwing off a 7-story roof two men caught in a homosexual act. They reportedly didn’t die on impact, but were “finished off” by the crowd on the street. The Koran also teaches Muslims to be kind to “infidels” until it’s time to kill them. I’ve seen the verses. It leaves one wondering whom to trust around us with the increasing presence of Muslims in our everyday life. One would like to be “tolerant”, but is “tolerance” safe? As you say, this is not a political blog, but we still must live in this world. It’s the only one we’ve got.

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