“Change at Crewe”

Today’s Gallery Theme: ‘Hangin’ In There…’


4524840_c77461e2Crewe, in Cheshire UK, is a big railway junction. The place only exists at all because of the railway, and the only reason most people go there is to change trains. Which is what my beloved Dave and his daughter Jaymee will be doing tomorrow, on the way from the English Lake District to our place in Mid Wales. They’ll be changing at Shrewsbury too, but that’s nothing like the Crewe experience. And it all hangs on the trains running on time, which over a holiday period is rare because they seem to choose that time to repair all the tracks.

But at least we have trains in the UK, unlike back in Tennessee where we can go for runs along rusting tracks that haven’t seen a train in years. And where everyone uses cars.


New_severn_bridge_best_750pixLeo and I, setting out from the southern end of the UK, will be travelling by car, driven by me (thanks, dad, and don’t worry…) on roads choked by holiday traffic. There is nothing quite like the UK on a public holiday: the already choked-up roads just basically seize up. But we shall journey on in hope and, once we cross into Wales on the magnificent Severn Bridge (the newer of the two), the remainder of trip on increasingly windy and narrower roads will be about two hours.


If all goes to plan (could it possibly?), we pick up Dave and Jaymee at Llanwrtyd Wells station on the way up to our place (no need to form a welcoming committee on the platform!). Carol, the lovely lady who looks after our place, should have cleared up after the last lot of holidaymakers and has offered to have food ready. Which will, after all the travelling, be really great.

The weather tomorrow isn’t going to be too bad.

The next storm arrives Saturday! In Wales it is known as ‘Welsh sunshine’: our Irish neighbours just a cross the Irish Sea call it ‘a soft day’. Hmmm. A stronger storm is due Monday.


There are some benefits to owning the place. The barn gym, taken care of by Carol’s marathon-running son Neil, is said to be in good shape. He and his mates use it a lot, and we get paid for that, although we always give some money back to Neil. We’re all missing our morning weight training: if you claim to be a performing acrobat, you absolutely cannot miss training for more than a day or two.


Then there is the benefit of the wide-open space on the hills around us. And the small river and its swimming hole. Neil says he measured the temperature as 5C and ‘he will if we will’, so far as going in is concerned. We will! Because the kids will, and Dave and I cannot be shamed. And when my friend Colin arrives with Ollie and his sister on Sunday, bringing along a third fitness kid friend Alex, it’ll be no contest…!


I can guarantee that there will be shirtless boys, all vying to be Mr Invincible, roaring around the great outdoors whatever the weather. They’ll have four days together, then its back to Oxford for all of us and one more day before we head back to Uncle Sam. And don’t rule the two girls, Jaymee and Ollie’s sister, out of the frame either. They’re as fitness mad as the boys.


OK. Enough of ‘how we spend our holidays’. Sounds like a school class essay. I’ll stop and let the pictures tell their own story!



I really like pictures of backs with the muscles in tension…





bar neck hang

So, ‘hang in there’ however you plan to spend your Easter. And, of course, I cannot leave you without a modest recommendation for some Easter reading! Click on the covers, then read more about us all!

The first part...The second part...Cover 3 ThumbAnd what better to do on a long train journey than read a good book? Just don’t get so absorbed that you forget to ‘Change at Crewe’.


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