Sul Gwyl y Pasg Yng Nghymru

…which means ‘Easter Sunday in Wales’ for the uninitiated!

Today’s Gallery Theme: ‘Guys Looking Good’


No Easter Bunnies here in Abergwesyn… just Gym Bunnies!

Neil’s running club and the Young Farmers all seem to get Sunday mornings off lambing (in this almost 100% farming area) to use our gym, so turned out in force: Dave and I late sleepers again following (i) an evening with our gay friends Tom and Iestyn in front of the log fire and (ii) another bout of putting clocks forward, which we did two weeks ago in Tennessee.

Leo and Jaymee were already training and put on an impromptu acrobatic show for the assembled weight trainers, which led, afterwards, to an invitation to them to go lambing, witnessing a few births and, as it turned out, opportunities to clear a few membranes off little noses gasping for air… not my idea of fun, but they were delighted and we didn’t see them again until late lunchtime.


Weather typically horrid – lots of rain showers and very windy for a while. Storm Katie is going to hit the south coast of UK tonight, but the centre of they depression will be right over us which means pressure so low you can almost feel it, and winds going round a complete circle in a couple of hours but not terribly strong, thank goodness. Hopefully a bit better for the rest of our stay.


Colin and Tash arrived with their two young tigers plus friend Alex around 3pm, so that’s the kids sorted for the rest of our stay. All three boys crammed into one small room here, Jaymee and Ollie’s sister in another, one double for us and one for Colin and Tash – and that’s Cefn Derwen well and truly filled up. Cosy and warm with our two fires, though!


The three boys, all members of the US/UK muscle and fitness ‘club’ which also includes Chris, Jude and Ryan back home, will be roaring around as shirtless as the weather allows, wrestling, swimming, lifting weights and general outdoor mayhem: Jaymee and Ollie’s sister will be joining in too and, now that the sister is a little older, they get on better than they used to. Colin – and Natasha – will be up for some weights with us, and wrestling too… such are our sporting friends.


Colin and I go back to age eight or so. We met in primary school, moved to the same High School in Oxford, joined the same gymnastics club… he’s my oldest friend. Together, as early posts in this blog will assert, we discovered a mutual love of sunbathing and skinny-dipping in the school summer holidays – which, in those days, seemed to last forever in fantastic sunny weather. He sussed that I was gay when we were about eleven years old, but it took me until 16 to find it out for myself and, bless him, he never said anything, even when my wandering eye in the school changing rooms must have been a bit of a giveaway to everyone (except me). I just thought I was normal.


So there we are. Fun and frolics in the Cambrian Mountains until Thursday, when it must all come to an end as we fly back Sunday morning after a brief return  to the parents in Oxford (when Dave’s parents will join us from Cumbria). And when my dad gets his car back, hopefully in one piece!

ALBUM 1 (2155)

This place, Cefn Derwen, is actually our own place. A family holiday destination for the Cavanaghs for year, Dave and I finally bought it out of our ill-gotten gains from circus performance. that took a while: you don’t make a lot of money from circus! But, this morning, we looked with some despair at the amount of maintenance needed this year – re-varnishing of window frames, both stove chimney gaskets leaking rainwater, and the drain rods out this morning to unblock a field drain which was sending water across the lawn instead of draining the field behind. And the moss in that lawn, you wouldn’t believe, after the wettest winter for decades. And us obliged to be in the US until at least Christmas. Hmmm.


At least, we were obliged to be in the US through the summer because of a circus tour, until it fell through. However, we do have jobs there, and we need to find an alternative for four your acrobats who were thrilled to be going back in front of an audience – not to say the four of us (Dave and I plus Pete and Zach) who were rehearsing new moves too, and the lesbian mums who were coming along to do their body-burning and stuff. still a big mess and no idea how it will resolve. Oh well.


Coming back here in the summer is not really an option because, on the expectation that we would be otherwise engaged, we have allowed the place to be let out throughout June and July which is the US school vacation. Hmmm (again).

gym bunny 8

The first part...Enough of our whinging. Enjoy the rest of today’s pictures and, maybe, buy the odd book (or three) – it will help the Cefn Derwen maintenance fund!


image 547


The second part...Cover 3 Thumb


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