Storm in a Teacup?


Today’s Gallery Theme: ‘Bicep Work’ – 22 sets of ‘guns’ on show for you today…

So, Storm ‘Katie’ came and went on Easter Monday. 105 mph gusts on the South Coast of England, planes unable to land at London’s airports, cranes toppled and roofs torn off. But here in Mid Wales, a very different story, thank goodness.

tumblr_o3mispsMAm1temwn6o1_500The centre of the low passed directly over us so winds were quite light, but went completely round the compass in less than four hours. When it blew from the north, it dumped snow on us which – naturally – saw the boys outside, bare-chested, throwing snowballs at one another. Jaymee and Ollie’s sister joined in, (un)sportingly (!) keeping tee-shirts on! Fun, as ever, here at Cefn Derwen. And it inspired a snow picture (off-topic for the gallery, but no matter) typifying acrobatic boys at play in the snow! It will enlarge (a little) if you click on it – like most of my posted pictures!


It is not just the youngsters who come here to have fun. Colin and Natasha (“Tash”) often meet up with particular friends (Roger and Ellie) – all four of them plus myself having been at High School in Oxford and comprising four gymnasts and one hockey captain – and they seem to enjoy their regular hetero and marital sex in the same room after an evening of sporty adventures, mainly wrestling. Dave and I were first coerced into wrestling Colin and Rog’s then girlfriends when we were 17, on a visit back from the USA and on the occasion I ‘came out’ to my parents, so it is kind of inevitable that, once the young ones are safely tucked up in bed here in the seclusion of a Welsh cottage, Colin and Tash get a bit amorous, propose that  Dave and I to do our gay thing and we all end up wrestling late at night on the mats in our little barn gym before – ahem, we do indeed ‘do our own things’ with our respective partners, side by side. What my mum would say, I have no idea.


15 years or so on, I’m still not really sure that my parents have accepted my gay disposition, although their initial concern that they would never become grandparents was happily overturned when Clare begged me to father her child. I vividly remember blurting out the truth about that on the decking of a restaurant in South Africa… not one of my best days, I have to say! Incidentally, all of that appears in the first and second of the three books which I doggedly keep mentioning in this blog – e-versions are available!

The first part...The second part...Cover 3 ThumbThere are worse things you could do with your time that read a good book… and support penniless authors…

…but now, back to the biceps! As practicing acrobats and sports coaches, fitness training is definitely on our agenda!



(sorry, that one doesn’t get bigger! – nor the next)








cables 2






And finally, a joint bicep effort!


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