“Another Year Older and Deeper in Debt…”

…another mis-quote, but near enough. Thanx to all those who read this on Facebook and noted that 30th March is a bit special…

…and here in Wales, after snow on Monday morning, we had brilliant warm sunshine today, which inspires

Today’s Gallery Theme: ‘The Great Outdoors’


(Hmmm. Stretch those feet…!)

Last full day in Wales too, after which we shall be unlikely to see this place again until at least Christmas. So much needs doing… we had a guy on the roof today, sealing leaking chimney stacks. Just an example.

front support

Also the last full day for our three ‘free range’ fitness-freak boys – which therefore involved renewing their vows! That’s vows to keep training hard and improving, and supporting their friends on the other side of the Atlantic. It involves ‘sharing’ their sweat and more, and sending some of it back across the Atlantic in return for a sample which Leo brought with him when we came… a bit like ‘blood brothers’ in the old days, when sharing blood between mates didn’t carry a risk of HIV. Time marches on…


Other fluids are also involved in the ritual (don’t ask, it’s partly a bad example that Dave and I once set) so it ended with a dip in the river, in which Dave and I, and the rest of Colin’s family joined them. Chill, but under a cloudless blue sky, kind of magical.

mexican handstand in Mexico

As a special birthday treat, I’ll back off from the usual book advertisements!

stand in hands

OK. WordPress is behaving very strangely tonight, so I’m cutting this post short. Pictures are not coming back to me correctly when uploaded, so this post could turn into a big mess. More outdoor fun another time, and hopefully one more post from UK before we head back.

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