Taking Up Where I Left Off


WordPress was throwing a wobbly last night but seems OK now, so I’ll continue the picture theme:

The Great Outdoors

Looking forward to the summer!



Wrestling on the sea shore seems fun, but weights on the beach in the sand… surely a bit impractical? Whereas trying new tricks in the outdoor gym – fun!


A cloudier day, but definitely warm enough to be shirtless…


It’s great to train outdoors even when the weather is not so sunny – the wind on your chest as you run, the sun (hopefully) on your back when it comes out from behind a cloud, and even, sometimes, the rain on your skin too:

boys in rain

Snow plus sun is a great combination in which to be shirtless:


…but many will say “can’t beat the beach!”…



An interesting entry position there for the handstand…


Well, he’s happy to be on the sand. Just needs to get those boots off and the jeans! And maybe more…


Time for a bit of a stretch?



Shoot a few baskets?


Anyone for tennis?



An outdoor gym within sight of the sea. Kewl!


Perfection… “look at me!”


…and that, guys, is what we should be aiming for. An amazing fit body, lovingly prepared for whichever sport takes your fancy. Our sport, acrobatics, is all about what you can do with your body, and I guess showing it off is what we do. Hence the fixation on going shirtless and barefoot whenever we can, and training hard even as the years advance! And it’s what I’ve written about in these books, plus that very important matter of falling in love with Dave, sharing being created gay with like-minded friends, joining the circus and having (mis)adventures. Some of you, I know, have read and enjoyed the books, and I would love for the rest of you to take the plunge and do the same. Click on the covers for more information. e-books are available too.

The first part...The second part...Cover 3 Thumb


And, in the meantime, this is the last post from our place in Wales UK. It’s back to Oxford tonight and back to Tennessee – with its curious absence of sunny beaches (!!) – on Saturday. But at least we have plenty of sun and open spaces to enjoy it in. So I sign off with one more picture which says it all, looking forward to the summer… acrobatics, sun, sea… and a trip across the ocean coming up! Bye for now!


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