Westward Ho!

That, including the exclamation mark, is the name of a little town in Devon UK where I recall once being taken on holiday as a kid. But today, it means we’ve fled the UK again (just as it was heating up – grrr!) and will shortly be back in Tennessee. This comes from a hotel room near Chicago O’Hare as we await the first flight of the morning to Knoxville after heading back across the pond from London.


Today’s Gallery Theme: ‘Strength Training’

On the plane, Dave and I were musing about our lifestyle – and that of the younger generation which we seem to have inspired. I’ll call them all ‘boys’ – the teen generation clearly are, while we 30-somethings still like to think of ourselves as boys, and the exceptional girls (two of our generation plus Dave’s daughter Jaymee) we think of as ‘honorary boys’ for they share the same ideals and lifestyle as the rest of us. One focussed on fitness and showing off…


Boys who seek to develop their muscle, their strength and their flexibility, and to develop the skills which those attributes lead to , like acrobatics.

Boys who like to feel the wind on their chests, the sun on their tanned backs, and the cool grass beneath heir bare feet.


Boys prepared to devote many hours a week working for the bodies they desire.

me tough!

Boys for whom sweat is a sign of success.

serious sweat

Boys for whom their friend’s success is as important as their own.


Boys who are ‘kewl’ with their own bodies and enjoy the freedom of training naked when circumstances allow.



…and maybe sometimes when they shouldn’t!…


Boys being at one with nature…


We’re fortunate to have our own training place at home and access to another private one. Other boys, who do not, always find a way – putting the garage to good use…


Boys who, if all else fails, use their bedrooms…

bedroom training

…or even the kitchen, multi-tasking!

stretching and frying

The in-flight magazine coming over from London offered an article on diabetes and the sugar-indulging obese, leading, in far too many cases, to amputations of increasingly larger portions of toes, feet and legs. Made us think how lucky we are not only to favour the fit lifestyle (and minimise our chocolate intake!!) but seemingly to have inspired the next generation.

I’ve written about that, of course, in the three volumes (so far) covering our own ‘boy’ development. They include exploring our gay selves, but you don’t have to be gay to get something out of the tales of circus tours and other adventures. Give them a try! Click on covers for more info, or explore the e-versions available from Amazon and wherever.

The first part...The second part...Cover 3 ThumbMeanwhile, it is approaching 5am here in Chicago and I’m wide awake (obviously, typing these words!) awaiting that first flight. Dave, Leo and Jaymee are flat out on the bed, lost to the world, but I seem to be still on UK time where it is 11am. The wake-up call and the taxi back to O’Hare are imminent, so I’ll get this sent off, dreaming perhaps of my own bedtime tonight, just with Dave. Sharing the love.


If you’re into fitness – great. If you’re not – think how it could benefit you. You don’t have to run away to join the circus, like we did. Nor need you commit yourself to the bed of nails, the knife drop or all the other ‘fakir’ things we’ve built into our shows – just get a few weights together and check around the posts in this blog to see what you need to do! And I’ll keep the inspirational pictures coming…

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