Bühre’s Law


Today’s Gallery Theme: ‘Young Muscle’

Paul%20BühreBühre? Who he? Paul Bühre is a 17yo German lad who, while doing work experience on the German newspaper Die Zeit, got the writing bug and, at 15, published a best-selling book “Teens: What We’re Really Thinking (When We’re Not Saying Anything)”. Also known as “Teenie Leaks”, presumably with acknowledgement to Julian Assange.

Something of an eye-opener to parents, apparently, and it got him a spread in the Saturday magazine section of the London The Times, which Leo purloined to read on our flight home!

4 czech wrestlers

(Great  Czech wrestler physiques there: just out of interest, we know boy #3, and the photographer: the boy is in several joky movies about predators in the woods [YouTube – search ‘ehm’].)

Bühre’s first rule for parents is “Never enter the room of a teenage boy. Even after knocking. Just don’t go in there…” This actually had Leo falling about laughing because it is so true – he says – of some of his school pals. The mess… the stuff parents should not see…

In his case it is laughable for the opposite reasons – we’re wanted in there, lots, to assist him and his close fitness-freak friends with stretching, weights, acrobatic advice and so forth (this admittedly is a room which comes with a bit of extended basement space for mats and wall bars, but is additional to our main cabin training space). So we’re suddenly feeling greatly honoured.


The next thing is use of the internet. “Four hours (a day)” Bühre says; “That’s standard, for a fifteen-year-old boy.” Hmmm. Not in our household it isn’t, but we don’t have normal kids. This advice slightly shocks parents (when they’re not checking their own phones!) – the kid appears on TV chat shows and gives readings from his book – and advice like an agony aunt.


The book has just been published in the UK to rave reviews. “Thank you, Bühre… now I really understand my son!!!!” Bühre responds “People think the internet has turned 15yo boys into pasty-faced loners who want to go on a shooting rampage in their nearest primary school…” In fact he looks fit, healthy and cheerful and has lots of friends, according to our newspaper!

It’s a fun article and raises some discussion about pornography, trying to lock kids’ computers (“Don’t bother…”) and other things most teenboys get up to when left to themselves… to be fair, my books contain quite a lot of what slightly older teenboys got up to a few years ago, especially as they were gay and finding that out… and, whilst I’d love you to buy them and read them, Bühre seems to have got himself much better publicity and sales! Oh well – click on these covers to redress the balance (and I’m on the e-book circuit too).

The first part...The second part...Cover 3 Thumb“We spend 95% of our time thinking about sex. A large chunk of the other 5% goes on trying to work girls out…”

I have to admit  that a large chunk of Leo’s time, especially when with his workout mates, is about girlfriends, so Bühre probably has a point. Of course, for Leo’s gay dad, it was all a little bit different – trying to work out why girls didn’t seem to appeal all that much.


Anyway, full marks to Paul Bühre for hitting upon a writing formula which is obviously a little more successful than mine! Ahem.

Back to the pictures:



Perhaps, a last word – with which we have to agree – from the author of The Times article on Paul: “Bühre’s is a more tolerant world than I grew up in, it’s members sensible, unshockable individuals who live stratified personal lives: hardcore porn alongside innocent dating rituals; children who probably know much more about the world than their parents do, but through the filter of a screen. They’ve not yet lived it. There’s a possibility that they never will. And, much as I like Bühre, a perverse part of me hopes that, by the time he is his father’s age, there will be a new species of 15-year-old boy, less cool, more complicated. And in the world, rather than watching it.”

I am proud to say that my Leo is very much in the world, and part of the adult world too, already. And Dave’s Jaymee too, to whom much of this also applies.

shirt lifter


That’s clearly a boy who thinks hard about improving his body – his four hours a day are probably spent in that garage with his weights. Here’s another famous boy-lifter/gymnast internet face – again, we know him, and the photographer – the ‘boy’ is now married with a beautiful child… time passes…



There – another boy invites us into his room – via the internet… another has his training equipment set up in there, for us to admire the result…


Or maybe, an invitation into his shower…



Finally, for today, we meet a couple of great lads on the beach. Love the angle on the first one!

Summer’s coming!



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