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Today’s Gallery Theme: ‘Doing It Together’

I suppose that it was kind of inevitable. Following up recent posts on the “I Will if You Will” Theme, a couple of e-mail correspondent (on by the way) wonder if Dave and I had the same attitude towards gay sex. There, I said it. They meant going the full Monty. The F-word.

Well, I’m not quite so reticent in the books (but they’re in no sense porn, mind…). There was quite a time between Dave and I realising that we wanted to be a couple instead of just (very) good friends, and actually committing to the act. In fact, as I relate in Loving the Boy, the first stage occurred when I was ‘home alone’ (no parents for the weekend) and he stayed over. We were watching videos of one of our best friends wrestling, Dave on the sofa and me on the floor between his legs. Shirtless and barefoot, naturally. I vividly recall that I was caressing his feet (still one of his best features, in my view!) and he was massaging my upper back, digging gently into my trapezius with his hands slipping forward down my chest occasionally. And he just said ‘Tone – how did it take me so long to find you?’ That kind of opened the flood gates for both of us…

20790The big deal came a bit later. We’d talked about it a lot. Shortly after, there was another ‘home alone’ weekend and we were in my living room again. Suddenly he said ‘Now’s the time, Tone. I want you to f*** me. Now.’ I suppose it was a decision that one of us would have made eventually, possibly me. Suffice to say, we weren’t very good at it that first time – had a few things to learn. But not a case of ‘I Will if You Will’, if only because one of us had to yield to the other first.


We had met our acrobatic friend Zach, and also Gary, who was to become his partner. It was Zach who first proposed that we do a deal in which we would stay safe for sex by not straying outside a small closed group – ever – would we seal such a deal with the four of us? He sprung that upon us with another surprise which was most definitely not ‘I Will if You Will’ – lining us up for that Chinese tattoo which graces the front cover of all the books – to which we agreed with some trepidation, having been put on the spot – and then he thrust a piece of paper into my hand and vanished. The paper was the results of his AIDS test – he had lost friends to AIDS in his previous SoCal life style and was determined that it would never happen again to any of his new TN friends. And so the caring and sharing began – documented in ‘The Power of Love’ and ‘Against All Odds’ which led to an expanded but still true and sincere group of ten.


So, caring and sharing yes, and little need any more for ‘I Will If You Will’. We all work with each other on our sport and fitness, play (as in ‘muck around’, ‘wrestle’) with each other and, when in the humour, share our bodies with one another. No need any more for ‘dares’! Still separate loving couples, but part of a greater whole.


I’m declaring the ‘I Will if You Will’ theme closed, and shall not respond to any further enquiries!! Read the books!!

small double handstandgbgredMore twosomes and groups caring/sharing/having fun…

…sorry, these first two won’t enlarge, but I include them because they both feature a couple of guys having fun!

The next one has a girl in it (rare for this blog) but I selected it because all the guys are clearly enjoying showing off their strength and, in a couple of cases, their bodies as well… sadly the blog that supplied it has died…











And finally, some teamwork in the gym: old and new:


trio photoshoot

Well, not actually in the gym that final one – but you know what I mean. Enjoy working together, doing it. Whatever ‘it’ is…

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