Squeak Impediment


Not sure if those two are modelling underwear or just like training in lookalike shorts! Anyway,

Today’s Gallery Theme is: ‘Training Fun’


There’s been too much stuff here about my personal life and habits recently, so we’ll move on to find something different to ‘pad out’ the pictures.

A friend of mine (not a sporty one and never featured here) has a bit of a stammer. Always has – until he has to give a lecture (he’s a university teacher). Then, miraculously, the stammer disappears. Well, he’s been doing some research.


He always thought that the stammer was due to nervousness – but the lecturing thing disproves that. Now he’s found out that it is all due to the gene which is responsible for clearing unwanted chemical molecules out of his cells. A gene that digests garbage, as the university researcher in St. Louis who made the discovery has put it. What it has to do with stammering my friend has no idea.

beach acro

The St. Louis guy is a biology researcher and injected the gene into mice. To his immense surprise, they immediately started stuttering – squeakering? – repeating (as he put it) ‘the same syllables over and over’. This led to the observation that the gene had something to do with stuttering and, to prove the point, I guess that he would like someone to volunteer to have the gene injected (or whatever you do) to see if it gives them a stammer. We’re not putting our hands up for that…


We’re not entirely sure how they definitively linked this gene to the stammer – surely not on the basis of one mouse with a squeak impediment! Funny old world…

…but let’s get back to our picture theme! Enjoy what you do…



The first part...


The second part...


stretch AND bar

Cover 3 Thumb

Shirtless young man balancing on fitness ball



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