Time on Their Hands


Any aspiring acrobat or gymnast needs to spend as much time as possible on their hands, every day. I haven’t reported on the progress of the 9yo twins Stevie and Josh (and their friend Alvin) for a while, but that is one of their training goals at the moment.


We are working to develop not only their balance but also their strength and flexibility. At their age, this is mainly with ‘bodyweight’ exercises, but they are now doing a little supervised work with dumbbells as well.


So, they train three sessions a week with us, usually two evenings in their own basement and then on Sundays at our place, inside and outside the training cabin. Handstands against the wall (to perfect their shape), walking on hands, handstand press-ups (supporting each other)… inspired by regular inputs from Leo and Jaymee as well, they can’t get enough of it! We’re also getting them used to balancing on us – this evening, for example, Dave, Leo and I each had a boy standing on our heads while we moved around – last one to fall off is a wuss… Josh won by a small margin, standing on Dave! Fun, fun.


I’m afraid we can’t offer a backdrop as spectacular as that guy has, on his pedestals on a new York rooftop!


Mixing the handstand training with flexibility there…



That’s the best shape so far, by the way – legs together, feet stretched…

A bit of stretching training now:






And now, putting it all into practice for an audience…



And, finally, back to basics  (our favoured training style!):


Fun, fun.

We’re all really pleased how those young ones are throwing their all into their training – especially their dads! And all three of them are cool on our beds of nails now, but that’s another story! Like these…

The first part...The second part...Cover 3 Thumbif you don’t incline to start walking around on your hands, try reading all about it instead!

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