Carolina Gloom

Less than a couple of hours drive away, North Carolina lies cross the Smokies adjacent to Tennessee. A great place to go for a day out, you may think: see the Smokies from the south-eastern side, visit the lakes…

Not according to my government (UK)! They have issued a formal warning to gay people from the UK not to visit NC for their own safety! That’s Dave and I stuffed, then!

It is all to do with toilets or, as we are obliged to incorrectly name them here, bathrooms. Bathrooms and transgender people. Transgender/bisexual people in NC, by law must use bathrooms designated for their original gender.

W have a sort of ‘so what’, shrug your shoulders attitude about this. But I would be slightly uneasy, I suspect, if the person standing next to me at the urinals had the right, er, ‘equipment’, but was dressed as, and looked like, an attractive girl. And therein is the problem. That’s the law now in NC. Shouts of ‘prejudice’ echo around from both sides in this ‘debate’ (except there isn’t any debate) and the whole thing has been linked with LGBT hate campaigns in general – which never quite goes away for ‘our’ sort of people I’m afraid in this ‘Bible Belt’ we live in. And it’s not only NC – Mississippi also, I think it is, has passed the same law.

God Bless America…

Otherwise, we are in generally In Pretty Good Shape, which I have chosen as today’s gallery theme. Enjoy!










canal boy

(Just out of interest, that is a British Canal with a British narrow boat in the background… and british graffiti…)






Special Request… please consider supporting this blog – and its inhabitants! – by getting and reading the books about our gay and sporting lifestyle, working in the circus, assorted misadventures… all that sort of thing. e-books are also available but turning pages is great exercise…

The first part...The second part...Cover 3 ThumbAnd now, to continue with guys in great shape…

power boi




And finally – the locker room is always a good place to spot those guys in great shape…


There we are then – a ‘bumper bundle’ of 20 pics for your today. Feedback always welcome through comment or at

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