Look at Me!


A largely ‘picture’ post today, on the title theme of showing off what you’ve worked for!


You don’t get out of that habit, as you get older… but I do find that the person I’m most ‘showing off’ to is myself, in the mirror. And thinking ‘It’s not looking so good as it used to, is it, Tone?’


It’s there, just above the waistband, that it first catches you out. The place where, aged 30+, your body decides to store a little bit of fat ‘just in case’ of bad times ahead. In my case, despite the training and an apparently constant weight, it’s coming. Mainly around the back rather than across the front of my stomach, but it’s there. Arrrgh!


He’s a real slim guy. But, above his waist band, there’s another band. Very slight, but noticeable in his profile. It’s coming…


Even he will fill out that slim section just above his Under Armours… just give him time…

‘Tone, you’re getting old.’

Maybe better to show off something else, divert attention…


That’s better… especially with an admirer on hand…



No real need to divert attention there, I think.

The first part...The second part...The one thing that my books do not involve themselves in is getting old and fat! Young and thin but muscular, yes. Gay, yes. Romps with best friends and falling in love – yes. Enjoying acrobatics, yes. Going on tour and getting into mischief and trouble, yes. Getting old – NO!! So maybe the moral is ‘stay young, read a book’. Hint!! Cover 3 Thumb

Now here’s a showoff if there ever was one, without an ounce of fat on him anywhere, lucky boy…


…yet… Keep going on those running machines, man. And another…



…and that Czech wrestler, who we’ve met, makes three in a row without a trace of that embryonic ‘spare tyre’ which seems to be creeping into my image in the mirror.

But wait. This next guy – YES, it’s there, right above that tight waist band and yet (apart from those crazy pants) he’s not been wasting his time in the gym, has he?…


This guy’s hiding the evidence, for or against…


Ah, the locker room. Where best to show off with a selfie?


OK, maybe the kitchen!


“Well, what you reckon, Tone? OK for a few more years?”


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