Looking Up a Bit…


Sometimes the vest serves to highlight the goods…. in this case,

Today’s Gallery Theme: ‘Shoulders and Arms’

abel bonetti

I think the prospects for the school summer vacation are looking up a little. Regular readers will know that the planned 8-week circus tour fell through the cracks. Naturally, our four younger acrobat/fakir stars – Jaymee, Leo, Chris and the unfortunate Karla whose family life seems to be falling apart – were extremely disappointed, whilst the (older) four of us who were going as well had rehearsed quite a lot of new stuff.

bicep pose

I did all along have a concern that their entire school vacation would be taken up with relentless ‘work’ (as we older ones see it) – training, performing and no free time – so personally I wasn’t too unhappy. But we seem to have a compromise.

For three of the eight weeks – spread out – we are going to be attending young people’s summer camps teaching circus skills – hopefully, often in the open air. The young’uns will remain the star’s of the show (as it were) with Dave, Pete, Zach and I supervising training and giving some demonstrations throughout the week. Zach heard from a friend that his son’s camp program was having to be reduced because a planned contributor had let them down, and drove out to see them armed with some of our showreels. That led directly to the other two camps – they’re not so far away that there will be miserable hours driving in the tour bus, but Chet will drive it for us and we will all live in it. All other facilities are provided by the camps.


This way, the kids actually get some time for themselves as well as the chance to show off! For the final two weeks of the vacation, which overlap with the British school holidays, we’re almost certain that their great friend Ollie and his friend Alex will come over here – probably on their own, a neat adventure for 12/13yos! – and will stay on when our school here re-starts, entertained by us during school hours and spending time with their mates otherwise. So, as I almost said in the title, “Things is lookin up!” all round.

Josh Monrad (6)


The first part...



The second part...



Cover 3 Thumb

Now, someone clearly saying “look at me”…




(Another vest making sure we focus on the right areas!)

Now a couple of Russian boys showing off their ‘pits’:





(There’s a lifter who looks like he means business… or just plain mean!)

Next, an artistic composition which makes great use of arm bindings as well as the light source:



…and I think that this handstand on parallel bars shot has to be the ultimate arms and shoulders image – even if the handstand shape is wrong! Bye for now.



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