Chad’s Tale (2)

Today’s Gallery Theme: ‘Stretching a Point’


(Not exactly doing it the easy way!)

In Chads Tale (1) I gave a little bit of history of how Chad came to set up his amazing private gym. Continuing the tale:

With things slowly coming together, word somehow reached another ‘loner’ called Cody – also of some mysterious ‘private means’ – gay, and living out an almost feral existence in a well-concealed dump of a house in the woods near the Clinch River, in which he swam naked every day of the year, rarely wore clothes anyway and, as a bizarre sideline, had an interest in S&M to the extent that invited carefully selected groups to spend nights in his converted basement…

…’nuff said, maybe, but a real kind-hearted soul as Dave and I were going to discover in due course, and well skilled in the physical activities in which we all chose to engage. It was not long before Cody and a couple of his nearly feral-mates who were occasional sideshow performers with things like knife-throwing also came to be part of Chad’s growing collection.


Cody was quickly followed by more ‘sideshow freaks’ in the form of a lesbian couple. Chad had never intended to admit anyone other than guys, but these girls so impressed him with the fitness, their ‘body-burning’ and fire-breathing activities, their willingness to compress each other between beds of nails and so forth, and – as he was soon to discover – their willingness to strip of their clothes and wrestle guys on guys terms… and often, to win!… that they were quickly admitted as ‘honorary boys’ along with Ivo’s sister who was also something of an Amazon by nature.


This led to some extensions in the repertoire of Chad’s “initiations”, and thus to Dave’s and my first encounter with a nail bed! But, before that, a couple more things happened. Firstly, some of the gay guys wanted to be rather more adventurous in their wrestling activities, and an ‘oil pit’ was added where guys could enjoy the sensuous activity of massaging baby oil into each other before wrestling, and then slipping and sliding around in an erotic way. This may have reached the gay community via Turkish wrestling, which uses olive oil and weird leather trousers down inside of which it is perfectly acceptable to grab some holds (!), and it was certainly common in gay male society long before it reached our neighbourhood.

The second thing was that a gay British guy appeared on the scene, and came across Ivo doing bar pull-ups in his yard while he was out for a run.

seashore stretch

That British guy was Dave’s elder brother Pete, just arrived with his father who had taken a job at the national labs nearby. Essentially, he and Ivo fell in love at first sight and, naturally, it was not long before Pete became the first ‘foreigner’ in the gym. He and Ivo also set up a training cabin of their own at the top of what is now our yard, and Chad was delighted because he now had somewhere he could arrange to ‘check out’ potential new gym candidates without actually having to reveal where the still-secret place was.

Then Dave came over to join his dad and brother, and I followed within a couple of weeks with my parents, since my father had taken on a similar role at the labs.


The first part...The second part...Cover 3 ThumbBeyond that point I will let my books take over the story, since they tell of Dave and I finding our own gay love, meeting with friends and establishing a ‘safe circle’ in which we could enjoy our own gay pleasures and, perhaps most significantly, how we got into Chad’s empire while still (as he saw it) ‘under age’ – i.e. not to be exposed to all those gay shenanigans in which he permitted his clientele to indulge! The only other ‘teaser’ that I will put in at this point is that those two lesbians eventually became, respectively, the mothers of my son Leo and Dave’s daughter Jaymee, both fiercely ‘straight’ by the way, and following the family acrobatics traditions!


(As stretches go, that’s [i] pretty extreme and [ii] weird!)

Fast forward, then, to today. After 20 years, Chad announced that he wanted out. Time to travel the world, as he put it, ‘Before I’m too knackered!’ He wanted to take some money out of the system too, to fund his travel, and that raised the threat of possible closure of this amazing private facility and the sale of the building. Happily, this has been avoided. A large number of guys were prepared to contribute to a ‘holding fund’ administered by Ron to effectively lease the building back from Chad whilst providing money for his adventures, so that we can continue to enjoy this fantastic facility. He is equally delighted with that because he will have somewhere to come back to when he chooses to do so (and my money is on the probability that this will not take very long!): there are also a couple of guys willing to take over Chad’s apartment until he returns and then move out, and our friends Zach and Gary will continue to rent the second apartment. In this summary I never recounted how Zach came into Dave’s and my lives, acrobatically speaking (and the rest)… again, read the books!


(Stretch up… and hold!)

Chad is out of here in two weeks. We wish him every success in his travel ambitions. First stop Thailand, apparently.


chinese handstand







And, finally, I know that I’m “stretching a point” with the theme of the images here, but I can’t resist inviting your analysis of this one, which appears to be a genuine hospital situation. Caption, anyone?



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1 Response to Chad’s Tale (2)

  1. Platinumboy says:

    My bet is that the photo is a good example of CGI. The bottom portion is definitely an emergency care center within a hospital. No sane medical professional would calmly walk by a naked man hanging from the ceiling. Furthermore, at least in America, the Joint Commission on Hospital Accreditation rules would never allow an open ceiling in a medical area without the area being cordoned off and plastic sheeting extending from the ceiling to the floor to protect the area from contaminating the facility with construction/repair debris.

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