“We Have a Question…”

Today’s Gallery Theme: ‘Satisfaction’

(You can read it in the faces…)


Now there’s a guy who is happy with his achievement! And the theme for today was inspired, indirectly I suppose, by our own ‘achievement’.

So, there we are sitting down together for a ‘family’ meal yesterday. Dave and I, Karen and Clare, and the young uns Jaymee and Leo. Ivo and Pete were away somewhere, so it was very much mums, dads and offspring.

I should have noticed that something was up between the two of them, as there were uncharacteristic periods of silence, and some stifled giggles. I think that the mums noticed, but said nothing.

There was also a lot of telepathy going on between the two of them. ‘You ask!’ ‘No, you do it…’


These two very level-headed 14yos had indeed got a question. Actually, a very adult question, and one deserving of an adult and level-headed answer. Jaymee drew the ‘short straw’:

‘When you, er made us, er, were we in test tubes or did you do it the natural way?’

OMG. They know, full well, that their dads are a gay couple and their mothers lesbian. The answer to their question is clear in my books, but for obvious reasons these have not been offered to our kids. Books that address gay love, and what gays do, in addition to the ample fun stuff about acrobatics and circus touring, were only ever intended for adults. But our wonderful kids are clearly adult enough to understand the issue, and to deserve an answer.


All four parents may well be homosexual but, on that wonderful occasion, we all managed to do it the natural way. The kids seem delighted with that. Hugs all round, and back to finishing off Clare’s excellent roast.

Cover1 FullCover2 Full

We never discuss gay activities in front of our kids, of course, but they’re not stupid and know precisely what being gay means. It’s good this is out in the open, and that they’re with the answer.

We wonder what will come next!







purple boi


locker room blue

Cover 3 Full

grassland pose


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