“Trust in Me”

That lyric from ‘The Jungle Book’ is our theme for today – Pictures Too!


There are many professions in which absolute trust in your colleagues is part of the game. Service personnel, fire-fighters and so forth. And, of course, in our own acrobatic pursuits. Whenever you work with partners, you must train and train until everyone has confidence that their partners will be in absolutely the right position, do absolutely the right thing at the right time, and be alert all the time for anything that might go wrong so that they are able to look after one another. A young gymnast learning new moves must be able to trust in his/her coaches to ‘spot’ them and keep them safe.


(Something odd seems to have been done to the guy on the right in this cheerleader picture – the bench at the back seems to pass in front of his shorts. Oh well, thanks, Photoshop!)

Our ‘business’ must seem fairly trivial alongside the brave souls in the armed forces and whatnot – not to forget our medics and hospital workers, and so on, in whom we must place our faith when things do go wrong. They’re all brilliant in their choice of occupation; we’re just having fun! No comparison.


The same goes (in an entirely different type of context) for sexual partners. The history of the gay scene, with HIV/AIDS and other STDs certainly illustrates the importance of ‘doing the right thing’ and to be able to trust that your partner(s) have also done the same. We are, as dedicated readers of this blog or my books will be aware, in a ‘special situation’. I have potentially nine other sexual partners within the group of ten of us who have sworn to be ‘clean’ and not to have any intimate relations outside of the circle. Yes, we all have our special partner but, within that strictly closed group, all ‘combinations’ are possible. We regular re-affirm our status and get tested to prove it, and that bond of trust has held up for more than 15 years now.

I know that this sort of thing must sound weird to some – especially to those whose view of gays it they are either monogamous or wildly promiscuous, soliciting in public bathrooms and whatnot. That latter scene is, most definitely, not for us.



Trust works in many ways. Dave and I trust our 14yo kids (straight) to ‘do the right thing’ not only in their own acrobatic pursuits but with their current girlfriend/boyfriend… we have to accept that they are adult enough to know the risks associated with getting too intimate, and to understand what precautions are necessary when they finally elect to go the whole way… I don’t believe either of them are ready for that yet, but equally I do believe that they fully understand the issues. The responsibility that they demonstrate in training their gymnastic moves, handling weights and so on gives us the confidence we need to trust them in these other ways. And, above all, they are willing to talk to us about personal concerns, something we have always encouraged. Them trusting us.


‘Getting the balance right’, indeed, as shown above! And again!…


These next young lads perhaps do not realise that they are trusting one another (and dad/big bro at the bottom) – but they are:


The knowledge that your partners have trained as hard as you shows through as trust between these three street workout boys:

triple lever

When enjoying combat sports, you have to trust that your opponent will abide by the rules (whatever has been agreed) and that you will both enjoy the experience. If you can’t grin at each other and shake hands when the final victor has been determined, then there is something wrong…





Here (above and next) the fights look a little tense at this point – after all, don’t both of the guys want to subdue the other? – but we trust that afterwards, both being in the same club, that grin and handshake will eventually be possible:


The boundary between ‘trust’ and ‘attraction’ might sometimes become a little blurred for gay lads:


…but, then, that’s kind of sweet!

The first part...The second part...Cover 3 ThumbHere, I’m ‘trusting’… or, at least, ‘hoping’!… that you might agree to support this blog by buying some books on our themes of gay love, acrobatics, circus, and touring misadventures… and, as a reward for your loyalty, I’ll add some further pictures showing the trust between loving young guys for your viewing pleasure!


Processed with VSCO with c6 preset


happy pair

VERY friendly




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