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A couple of correspondents have asked about the twins (Stevie and Josh) and how they are coming along. So let’s include their almost inseparable friend Alvin, who was a little bit ‘podgy’ at the start – my goodness, for 9yos they’re doing extremely well. At that age we have to very careful about using weights, but they are muscling up nicely to the level they need to start doing some serious acrobatic moves, and that’s great. Both sets of parents are very happy, as well as the boys.

3009If you are new to this thread, the twins starting training under Dave and my supervision at the request of the parents (who had seen an acrobatic show we did) – and took to it like ducks to water, with their close friend Alvin rapidly joining in the sessions. My son Leo despite being 5 years older really likes helping with their training, as does Jaymee (Dave’s daughter) and we are in danger of losing the job to them if we are not careful! Apart from anything else, they like to pocket the fees!

But the really nice thing is the way the three younger boys have dedicated themselves to training (in the twins’ basement): the twins encourage each other – when one achieves a skill the other immediately follows – and they both encourage Alvin who is only a tiny bit behind. All three have great headstand shapes and are doing handstand walking while keeping that shape: they are also becoming much stronger. And Alvin does far better than us at one important skill, which is telling the twins apart! We have to look for the scar on Stevie’s knee from his bike accident… Alvin somehow never needs to. Between acrobats, a subconscious level of communication is very valuable, so they are set to go far.


Our ability to supervise their training is going to be a bit disrupted over the school vacation – but not as disrupted as it would have been if we had disappeared for eight weeks on the now-cancelled circus tour. I had hoped that the twins father would be able to help them progress, but he does just seem to praise everything all the time, even when it is awful, and he’s not too sure of himself in choosing suitable levels of weight for the young boys to use. Means well, but he’s happy to pay us to do a more professional job!


So we’re very happy to be passing on the family knowledge and skills to this next generation (even Leo is thinking of them as the next generation, with just 5 years difference in age!). They are begging their fathers to let them come to our training cabin and train with Leo and Chris in the mornings pre-school, but we think it is too soon for that – we cannot risk over-stressing their still-developing bodies and I would not leave it to anyone else to supervise their weight training – not even Leo as yet. Acrobatics or gymnastics, yes…


Some kids take to acrobatics, others do not. Some boys see all gymnastic activities as ‘girlie’ or ‘gay’ for some reason, while girls think boys lifting weights are ‘silly’. Personally, for obvious reasons, I don’t have a problem with ‘gay’ and Leo (straight) certainly doesn’t. If you enjoy something, we say ‘go for it!’.

back spread crop

The first part...The second part...Cover 3 ThumbAnyone in any doubt that Dave and I ‘went for it’ needs only to dip into my books! All about acrobatic and circus adventures plus finding gay love, and then getting into some serious hot water (but all’s well that ends well, obviously). Feel free to check them out, and support hungry acrobats at the same time!

And now let’s look at some more boys ‘coming along nicely’:

biceps pose


kitchen pose


river viiperi special (11)


spread by dumbbells

Svjatoslav, Kirill and Michal

tense up






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